Earlier Than Early



2:00 AM - 5:00 AM

Earlier Than Early zooms through the night with a strange and beautiful collection of tunes which helps Brisbane transition from Saturday to Sunday.

This show is a night guardian of the unique 4ZZZ sound. It makes sure that the mission and the spirit of 4ZZZ are not lost in the night. It carries the solar panel of 4ZZZ awesomeness through the coldest moments for other shows to be able to charge it during the day.

The playlist is the best new local music selection tailored for the night with sounds from around the world weaved in.

If you are after the trusted fresh sound of 4ZZZ with the some quality music from around the globe you just have to tune into Earlier Than Early - your ears will thank you for it.


26 November, 2017

Autumn AshSold OutLOCAL 02:02:00
The Amity AfflictionTomorrowLOCAL 02:06:00
KAYSO GRANDEWhen Will I EverLOCAL 02:10:00
Leroy FrancisGoing SteadyAUS 02:15:00
Alexandra GunnFollow ThroughLOCAL 02:18:00
Golden Age Of BallooningLove and WarLOCAL 02:22:00
The Black SeedsLost In The Bush 02:26:00
Moses Gunn CollectiveDream GirlsLOCAL 02:31:00
Belle Miners You, The Birds and IAUS 02:34:00
Omni AntiBlackbirdLOCAL 02:40:00
TiarneHold On TightLOCAL 02:44:00
WalkenUnomiLOCAL 02:48:00
Zefereli Round The BendLOCAL 02:53:00
RUFFLESSunsetting (Mica's Rising Soul Dub)LOCAL 02:58:00
Mild JoyBlurrLOCAL 03:06:00
WarcrimesFighterLOCAL 03:12:00
Oscar OscarHimejiLOCAL 03:22:00
MTNSSlow MotionLOCAL 03:26:00
King Kongo + The Plastic FangsNever Liked That DogLOCAL 03:30:00
Hanny JTrying To Get ByLOCAL 03:33:00
Fragile AnimalsHome 1LOCAL 03:39:00
360Way Out Ft. TeischaAUS 03:44:00
Yumi ZoumaCarnation (Recycle Culture Remix) 03:47:00
Gin WigmoreCabrona 03:51:00
Angus RoyOf RooftopsAUS 03:58:00
Animal VenturaAnimalAUS 03:58:00
Gail PriestRusted RitualsAUS 04:03:00
Tame ImpalaLet It Happen (Soulwax Remix)AUS 04:14:00
SHELLEY SEGALSomebody Like YouAUS 04:24:00
Twelve BalletThis CityAUS 04:28:00
Groom EpochCosmic ArtificeAUS 04:31:00
James Ellis & The Jealous GuysXmas LightsAUS 04:36:00
This Way NorthMake It WorkAUS 04:42:00
Oh Pep!Half LifeAUS 04:45:00
Jon LemmonIt's Gonna Be Alright 04:49:00
Eliza & The DelusionalsDeep EndLOCAL 04:53:00
Awaken I AmWolvesLOCAL 04:56:00