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Join Cam & Roo for your Tuesday brunch on Echo Boom -  a safe space for rosy-coloured, Gen-Y musical memories combined with the best music coming out of Brisbane. 
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12 November, 2019

Blink 182I'm Sorry 10:06:00
Baltimore Gun ClubArchangelLOCAL 10:14:00
Wakan PhoenixBag A BonesLOCAL 10:19:00
Alla SpinaCryingLOCAL 10:26:00
PALSSomehowLOCAL 10:29:00
Butcher BirdsMillionsLOCAL 10:39:10
Lynyrd SkynyrdFree Bird 10:42:00
Acid KatToo Young Too DieLOCAL 10:54:00
ProbotShake Your Blood 10:57:00
DangerpennyWashLOCAL 11:07:00
Tai SuiNavigatorsLOCAL 11:16:00
AdalitaBlue SkyAUS 11:19:00
The GoldheartsBe BraveLOCAL 11:28:00
Atticus ChimpsIllusionLOCAL 11:34:00
Regular BandSnow WhiteLOCAL 11:38:00
Shutup Shutup ShutupRight To The EndLOCAL 11:42:00
The CutawaysAll The Way To The EndLOCAL 11:46:00
Violent SohoHoly CaveLOCAL 11:49:00
Electric ZebraI'm A NaturalLOCAL 11:53:00
Rocket ScienceGoing AwayAUS 11:53:00