Girls Can Tell

Belle and Luci


1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Belle plays new music, interviews local and international bands, tells you everything you need to know about live music in Brisbane, host in-studio performances and always have heaps of giveaways for subscribers. Listen for your own good.



26 November, 2020

The Dixie CupsGirls Can Tell
Jeremy NealeDarlin'LOCAL
John CaleParis 1919
Tame ImpalaNangsAUS 01:15:10
Thelma PlumClumsy LoveLOCAL 01:25:30
Moses Gunn CollectiveHole In The WallLOCAL 01:29:08
Tkay MaidzaYou SadAUS 01:42:47
Glass AnimalTangerine
Thigh Master6 ft BarrierLOCAL 02:11:53
Approachable Members of Your Local CommunityMillennium QueenAUS 02:15:15
The CairosObsessionLOCAL
The Goon SaxMake Time For LoveLOCAL
The BelligerentsIn My WayLOCAL
Sampa The GreatFinal FormAUS
These GuyTechnical JazzLOCAL
PhoenixTrying To Be Cool