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Gig suggestions and ear-picked tunes ranging from folk, acoustic, blues, roots, reggae, country & Americana, to funk & groove.

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25 September, 2022

Guest: Charm of Finches

Impossible OddsEverything, feat Georgia CorowaLOCAL 09:00:00
Steve SmythDigital HeartAUS 09:07:10
Drop LegsLizzyLOCAL 09:11:45
The Double HappinessRoadhouseLOCAL 09:15:18
Charm of FinchesINTERVIEW and "Canyon" (Live at 4ZZZ)AUS 09:23:00
Steve CaseHomeLOCAL 09:40:11
Jodi PhillisSong for GeorgiaAUS 09:44:43
Garrett KatoOne and OnlyLOCAL 09:48:34
It's AcrylicTwo More ChordsLOCAL 09:52:37
Lili MurtaghOh, Boy!LOCAL 09:57:15