2:00 AM - 6:00 AM

I love diversity and spice

I'm all about diversity in my life and the songs selected on this show are about catering for an assortment of folk. Variety is the spice of life. 


26 September, 2022

Bjork All Is Full Of Love 02:01:01
Ollie Olsen Win LoseAUS 02:05:27
Vegas Kings You'll never work in this town againLOCAL 02:16:09
Morrissey Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together 02:19:07
The Hives Hate to say I told you so 02:21:27
Oneohtrix Point Never He She 02:24:47
Stone Temple Pilots Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart 02:26:14
Massive Attack Inertia Creeps 02:29:02
Fun Lovin' Criminals Scooby Snacks (Schmoove Version) 02:35:00
Cocteau Twins Multifoiled 02:38:18
Hard-Ons She's A DishAUS 02:44:33
Grace Jones I've Done It Again 02:48:55
Sealife Park Draw your own mapsAUS 02:52:42
Donovan Atlantis 02:59:10
Blowhard My Truck Wont StartLOCAL 03:13:07
Tex Perkins & The ZitsSpace Truckin'AUS 03:15:53
The Fred Band I Got a TruckLOCAL 03:20:23
TISMI Drive A TruckAUS 03:22:16
Dead Kennedys Police Truck 03:24:46
Bob Log III Wag Your Tail Like a Dog In The Back of a Truck 03:27:10
Machinations ArabiaAUS 03:34:57
Silverchair Abuse MeAUS 03:39:35
Love and Rockets Sweet Lover Hangover 03:43:26
Holly Golightly And The BrokeoffsJack O' Diamonds 03:48:56
Colourbox The Moon Is Blue 03:52:54
The Hypnotist The House Is Mine 04:01:48
Headless Chickens Railway Surfing ('93 Octane Mix) 04:13:30
The Grates I Am SiamLOCAL 04:17:57
PIL Disappointed (12 Inch Mix) 04:21:50
The Lighthouse Keepers Evil TouchAUS 04:30:51
Jane's Addiction & Diamanda Galas Sex Is Violent 04:34:21
Blondie Do the Dark 04:39:19
Arleta Mia fora thimamejo 04:43:15
Defacto Caravan Situation Sticky Like Baclava 04:45:46
Kate Bush The Dreaming 04:48:02
Deep Purple Lazy 04:54:15
Glenn Miller Orchestra American Patrol 05:04:18
David Bowie “You’re aware of a deeper existence…” 05:07:24
Niticris UntitledAUS 05:09:15
Muro Han-Tome Flutemental 05:12:06
Adalita Goin DownAUS 05:26:57
Black Mountain No Hits 05:33:00
The Mess Hall BuddyAUS 05:41:51
Comrad Xero The LetterAUS 05:44:34
Unkle Nursery Rhyme/Breather 05:47:27
M.I.A. Born Free 05:57:28