Kids With Class Kicking Arse

Danika, Chris Converse and Polly


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

GCs who have a good time hanging out with each other and broadcasting it.


We have an email address now -


27 May, 2023

Release the HoundsBullets, Ny Only WeaknessLOCAL
Against MeMiami
PhD!Grief in ColourLOCAL
Tia GostelowSourLOCAL
Andrew WKParty Hard
Blood CommandA Questionable Taste in FriendsLOCAL
Blueline MedicMaking the Nouveau RicheAUS
FangzFine Without YouAUS
Warumpi BandBlackfella/WhitefellaLOCAL
Tegan and Sara Closer
ShandyGet off the busLOCAL
Blitz BabiezBurningAUS
Hard OnsApartment for twoAUS
RancidDevil in Disguise
Gusset RatsWake upLOCAL
Private FunctionPassion PopAUS
Lambrini GirlsTerf Wars
ErectionFuck You
UltrabombI can make it
SupersuckersBorn with a Tail