Kids With Class Kicking Arse

Danika, Chris Converse and Polly


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

GCs who have a good time hanging out with each other and broadcasting it.


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04 February, 2023

Cable TiesPerfect ClientAUS
Paddy McHugh and the Gold MinersDan O'HalloranLOCAL
Suicide Country HourAgainst the GrainLOCAL
Pot Plant House PartyBlinkAUS
CommonsideBrand NewLOCAL
Chasing GhostsBusted LungAUS
Razor BraidsBuddy Holly
A Very Special EpisodeHeaven's Gate
Turpentine BabycinoCalamityAUS
Talk HeavySomething CoolLOCAL
Nerve DamageSociety Made Me SickLOCAL
Stabbitha and the Knifey WifeysReap What We SowAUS
Raising RavensUnherdAUS
Cosmic PsychosBack in TownAUS
Area 7Nobody likes a BoganAUS
The Go SetWest into the sunAUS
Brixtin RockersBankstersLOCAL
Joan JettBad Reputation
Sick FizzWe fucked this city on rock n rollAUS
Warumpi BandWarumpinaAUS
SchizophonicsBlack to Comm
The DisablesWe got a holdLOCAL
HITSSometimes you just don't know who your friends areLOCAL
SupersuckersBorn with a Tail