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*100% new Aussie music only guaranteed when Max is in the mood for it.


10 April, 2024


11:00  -  Weird Science: How fish schools stay quiet in high numbers & what music do we feel more in our hearts?

28:00  -  Weird Science 2.0: Touchibo robot takes to schools & why Australians scientists are deliberately releasing baby cane toads

44:00 -  A marine worm with a "miniscule brain" and massive eyes  w/ our friendly neighbourhood marine master Peta

68:00  -  MotoRap: Daniel Riccardo crashes out in Japan 

80:00  - The first rainbow detected on another planet

88:00  -  Using AI to listen for insects

97:00  -  Max uses AI to edit our programming coordinator's music

106:00  -  Space News: New metre wide disc-shaped satellites & SLAC observations to take another 10 years


Photo: The Vanadis bristle worm with its massive red eyes. MICHAEL BOK.

Chord progressions by iScience / Daikoku et al. and bee buzzes by Laura Figueroa.


Gordon's GrandsonMy Mother SaidAUS 10:07:39
Last DinosaursParanoia Paradise (Radio Edit)LOCAL 10:21:21
calm tysonPanicAUS 10:24:55
Hot MachineRed Hot SummerAUS 10:37:46
LeoTendenciesAUS 10:40:02
Empire of the SunChangesAUS 10:50:43
Tessa WildeLike A PhoenixLOCAL 10:57:49
The Goon SaxLove LostAUS 11:04:02
ALIYAUnfinished LoveAUS 11:16:57
GRXCEGravel RashAUS 11:24:13
Jaguar Jonzefull stopLOCAL 11:33:56
Angus & Julia StoneLosing YouAUS 11:33:56
Between You & MeEvery MorningAUS 11:43:24
Later DazeRebel DiveLOCAL 11:50:04
ArugulaBask In The SunLOCAL 11:55:53