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27 September, 2023


10:12  -  Weird Science: Scientists "recreate" audio from photos & worms are responsible for one slice of bread from every loaf

10:25  -  Weird Science: Australia used to have mini emus, and the last of them ended up in Napoleon's France

10:41  -  After a decade of work, a neurobiologist discovers jellyfish can learn

10:54  -  The gut bacteria of bees  w/ Vi (Rebroadcast)

11:10  -  MotoRap:The "Wind Whisperer" & the first Model T Ford rolled out on this day 115 years ago

11:21  -  The drumming cockatoos in Far North Queensland

11:39  -  It's official, El Nino is here

11:48  -  Space News: NASA tests a commute and delivers the biggest asteroid sample ever returned to Earth


Image: A Caribbean box jellyfish. Photo by Jan Bielecki. CC BY-SA.



Shattered Circuitswow.AUS
Druid FluidSour's Happy FantasyAUS 10:06:23
StjepGet Ready To Move!LOCAL 10:09:51
DopamineDon't Mind AnywayLOCAL 10:22:36
Ash LunePepsiLOCAL 10:33:38
King IbisPatienceAUS 10:37:11
Beat HappeningIndian Summer 10:48:48
SWEATI Don't CareAUS 10:58:35
Ghost MuttDance Now [Girl and Girl Cover]LOCAL 11:03:47
The JensensAutomaticLOCAL 11:17:57
J-MILLAOn My SoulAUS 11:33:06
Jaguar JonzePUNCHLINELOCAL 11:35:46
Ta;lk HeavyThe Song That Plays When Marissa Shoots TreyLOCAL 11:44:55
Platonic SexHappy You're Here [Sycco]LOCAL 11:54:52
C.O.F.F.I.N.Factory ManAUS 11:58:09