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*100% new Aussie music only guaranteed when Max is in the mood for it.


17 April, 2024


00:12  -  Weird Science: Gamers pull in data for science & ultrasonic defence discovered in Brazilian frogs

00:29  -  Weird Science 2.0: Drones on pogo sticks & underwater autonomous robots learn SCUBA hand signals

00:47  -  An update on PFAS forever chemicals in the ocean  w/ our friendly neighbourhood marine master Peta

01:22  -  When the moon turned itsef inside out

01:34  -  Aggressiveness pays off for geese, but not for 4ZZZ subscribers

11:46  -  Space News: Mars Sample Return mission plans are starting to get ridiculous


Image: In-game Borderlands Science arcade.

Smol FishIf OnlyAUS 10:07:59
Neightbourhood VoidGLUEAUS 10:23:38
The DandysSorryLOCAL 10:25:59
Keli HolidayDiscoAUS 10:40:13
Q+TBLittle HolesAUS 10:43:40
Krystal RivversLove You I DoAUS 10:57:39
Steph StringsWholesome DaysAUS 11:03:32
Before The KingDown Down DownAUS 11:18:40
ScreamfeederWrote You Off [Feat. Adalita]LOCAL 11:30:39
Ed KuepperThe Way I Made You FeelLOCAL 11:37:50
Full Flower Moon BandIllegal ThingsLOCAL 11:42:26
ChymesUFOAUS 11:58:31