Late Nightzzz Hype

Darius Lee


9:00 PM - 10:00 PM

INSTAGRAM - @latenight_collective

 Darius’s show will focus on Old-school Hip hop and newer Urban hip hop culture. The Topics of the show will be to talk more about the music and focus a lot on how it was produced and some of the histories in the music. Exploring more experimental and local music while talking about it. Also inviting multiple local artists to come in and talk about their songs. The guests that will join in his shows can range from producers to artists and anything music industry-wise. In his show, the segments he will do are to have one old-school and one more modern song and talk about how they are linked together. He also plans on talking about producing and giving tips on how to get started or just things he has found while producing beats in his experience


23 September, 2022

Episode 31 (Repeat)