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From the studios of 4AAA 98.9FM in Brisbane, a weekly round-up of conversations with and about Australian First Nations/Sea Peoples and issues from the "Let's Talk" program. (Courtesy BIMA and 4ZZZ Production Department)


24 September, 2022

Michael Monk, Andrew Khedoori & Stan Grant

This week's episode of Let's Talk for Zed Digital includes interviews with:

- Michael Monk (Aired 19 September, 2022)
"Station Manager at Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council Community Radio Michael Monk talks to Dan Rennie about the tragic loss of Uncle Mop Conlon, frontman of Mop and the Dropouts"
Andrew Khedoori (Aired 21 September, 2022)
"Dan yarns with Andrew Khedoori of AMRAP and CBAA, discussing how his work helps get mob on community radio"
Stan Grant (Aired 22 September, 2022)S
"Dan Rennie yarns with Stan Grant, who has 30 years experience in radio, television, news and current affairs, and is the current host of ABC’s Q & A."
(Courtesy 4AAA/98.9FM/BIMA)