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7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

From the studios of 4AAA 98.9FM in Brisbane, a weekly round-up of conversations with and about Australian First Nations/Sea Peoples and issues from the "Let's Talk" program. (Courtesy of 4AAA Murri Country/BIMA and the 4ZZZ Production Department)


03 June, 2023

Episode 262

Focusing on current affairs and issues of importance to First Nations people. Kevin Yow Yeh sets out to understand the local implications of the housing crisis with Gubbi Gubbi community development worker and community organiser, Kylie Deen. Kylie is currently based at West End Community House, where she has a frontline role in supporting people experiencing the violence of housing injustice. Later, Dan Rennie yarns with Sea Peoples/Torres Strait Islander descent man Jeremy Marou (pictured) from the Darumbal/Rockhampton duo "Busby Marou"  (Courtesy 4AAA/98.9FM/BIMA)