Liminal Space

ag (they/them)


1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Step through the portal and enter a new dimension full of dreamy, spooky, weird, experimental, underground and genre-blending music. Text in and tell us about a liminal time in you life or recommend a song that makes you think of an inbetween space. 


insta: liminalspace4zzz

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21 September, 2022

Switchblade SymphonyGutter Glitter 01:01:45
Sacred HeartsPromised LandLOCAL 01:05:33
June JonesMotorcycleAUS 01:13:15
SookBrand NewLOCAL 01:20:33
Anne Cessna & Essendon AirportAgua Por FavorAUS 01:20:36
HolyfieldsSwamplandsLOCAL 01:25:07
Velvet TripIt's Only HumanAUS 01:36:54
Mess EsqueLiminal SpaceLOCAL 01:37:20
such big waterMonday EveningAUS 01:40:46
DeliveryBaader MeinhofAUS 01:44:00
Laurie AndersonSpeak My Language 01:48:00
Girl and GirlGarden SongLOCAL 01:57:00
Girl and GirlI See A ManLOCAL 02:00:00
Girl and GirlDance NowLOCAL 02:04:00
Girl and GirlDoctor MartenLOCAL 02:16:00
Sigur RosFestival 02:21:00
Girl and GirlStrangersLOCAL 02:29:00
Girl and GirlDivorce 2LOCAL 02:40:00
Girl and GirlShame It's Not NowLOCAL 02:45:00
Girl and GirlDivorce 1LOCAL 02:50:00
DinoStockimport sodas won't fix my problemsLOCAL 02:59:00