Locked In


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM



Locked In, Is a program that focuses on prisoners that are currently in jail in QLD who write into our show to have  personal messages  and song requests played on air each week. Due to the high turn over of letters from prisoners each week, and we do not have the time to take phone calls but we are able to read out text messages however, no song requests are able to be played because we just don`t have the time because we get that many Letters from inmates that we can`t keep up.   Messages are for Monday night only: 0420 626 733

To record a message for your loved one to be played on air, call 3040 7003.

Prisoners and their families can write shout outs to;  

Locked In (crew)   
4ZZZ Radio
P.O. Box 509   
Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006


29 May, 2023

Silky Italian Shoes AUS
DJ Noiz, Donell Lewis, Kennyon Brown Raggadat CrisDutchie
Gotye Somebody That I Used To Know AUS
Franny LocoYear Of The Locust AUS
Twenty One Pilots Can't Help Falling In Love
The Amity Affliction Youngbloods LOCAL
Nter Silverspoons AUS
Rops & Nter Southside to Southwest AUS
TKO & Emcee Ob For My Brothers
Disturbed Stricken (Live at Red Rocks)
Boo Yaa Tribe ft Layzie Bone Mafia Lifestyle
Bones Thugs N Harmony Weedman
2pacUnconditional Love
Flowz Dilione Nosey Neighbours AUS
Brothers Feels Like Summer
Let's TrotBrothers AUS
Dondrino ft Rops Violate
Flossin Internet Money
Bones Thugs N Harmony Crossroads