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Music Industry: A - ZZZ is Australia's first and only live-to-air music industry-specific FM radio program.

More often than not, if you hear a new song on the radio and love it, your full praise goes directly to the artist or band whom performs it. Which is totally normal, don't get me wrong, but there's a whole lot more to it than that.
More than likely, that particular song has been tweaked, campaigned and released in a very specific way by a whole bunch of different people in order to achieve that spin on the radio. For the first time in Aus radio history, we're dedicating an entire live FM program to shining the spotlight onto those people BEHIND the scenes of the music industry.

The show's main objective is to provide an insight at all of the different areas and fields within the music industry.
Each week the show has its own career theme & guests from that particular field. From artist managers to PR people, A&R reps to publishers, event organisers to venue owners etc. - showcasing all the people who work behind the scenes of Brisbane's vibrantly great music scene.

Not only will the show showcase and thank the often unrecognised people on the business side of music, but it also serves as a go-to guide for emerging practitioners wishing to work within this amazingly awesome field; with the studio phone & live text line, listeners can ask questions to our industry experts throughout the show and get answers fast.

Presented by Jakob Rosenblatt (previous presenter of Cool Side of the Pillow), Music Industry: A - ZZZ still dedicates its efforts into promoting upcoming gigs, playing & premiering new music and have a weekly 'act of the week' segment.

So whether you're a musician, an emerging practitioner, an industry expert or simply a damn cool person that wants to learn a bit more about one of the most desired industries to work in, tune in to Music Industry: A - ZZZ, Monday mornings from 10am - 12noon on 4ZZZ 102.1FM.


To submit your music, put your hand up to be a guest or just to get in contact, swing us an email at


Hardcopy letters/ CD's to:
Music Industry: A - ZZZ,
PO BOX 509


28 May, 2018

MillionsSlow BurnerLOCAL 09:04:00
Bleeding Knees ClubHave FunLOCAL 09:07:00
Thelma PlumDollarLOCAL 09:11:00
The VaccinesNorgaard 09:14:00
LordeWhite Teeth Teens 09:17:00
Frank OceanForrest Gump 09:24:00
VelociraptorSneakersLOCAL 09:27:00
MontaigneBecause I Love You 09:31:00
Aunty DonnaFuccboi AnthemAUS 09:35:00
DZ DeathraysLike PeopleLOCAL 09:38:00
Amyl & The SniffersCup Of DestinyAUS 09:43:00
Ball Park MusiciFlyLOCAL 09:45:00
Rolling Blackouts Coastal FeverTalking StraightAUS 09:48:00
Violent SohoTinderboxLOCAL 09:52:00
The CreasesStatic LinesLOCAL 09:57:00