Nap Time

Brown Thought


9:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Nap Time is a show where I play slept on rap and it's recorded with a live studio audience.

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13 July, 2022

This episode is a deep dive into Maxo Kream's new album Weight of the World. The deluxe version just came out and it's got a few added songs in it too, so give it a listen!

Maxo KreamCripstian 09:05:00
Maxo Kream11:59 09:10:00
Maxo KreamThey Say 09:15:00
Maxo KreamBig Persona (ft. Tyler the Creator) 09:20:00
Maxo KreamStreets Alone (ft. ASAP Rocky) 09:25:00
Maxo KreamDon't Play With Shawty Ass 09:30:00
Maxo KreamLocal Joker 09:35:00
Maxo KreamWhat I Look Like (ft. Freddie Gibbs) 09:40:00
Maxo KreamFRFR 09:43:00
Maxo KreamWhole Lotta 09:46:00
Maxo KreamWorthless 09:49:00
Maxo KreamGreener Knots 09:53:00
Maxo KreamMama's Purse 09:56:00