No Guitars Allowed



10:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Celebrating sonic exploration both local and abroad.

Embracing the blurring of community and genre as music thrives in digital spaces.

22 March, 2023

Thanks to Luke n Yvette for the live recording + guest selectionz

MarararaI think I'm claustrophobicAUS 10:00:01
Skyler RoweFameux 10:02:30
Luke Stewart / Tashi DorjiPhases II 10:03:51
GypsobelumLive cave Inn 1403023LOCAL 10:17:30
Will GuthrieTakenAUS 10:35:23
LatitudesHunting DanceLOCAL 10:38:30
Team SleepTomb of LiegiaLOCAL
Public MemoryAs You WishLOCAL 10:48:00
Xiu XiuTarsier, Tarsier, Tarsier, Tarsier
Emma Ruth-RundleHand of God 10:55:00
Big ThiefVelvet Ring 10:59:44
Keiji Haino / SUMACWhen logic rises morality falls Logic and morality in Japanese are but one character different 11:02:00
Dehdeh WiningsihKapelet Nyi ronggeng 11:14:04
Samira TawfiqLaw Tareef 11:21:30
Rube LacyMississippi Jail House GroanLOCAL 11:27:43
Alexandra SpenceBlue WavesLOCAL 11:31:09
Ryoji IkedaUltratronics 04 11:36:00
Sex PrisonerGhost HitLOCAL 11:41:00
Blind GirlsThe Ghost in My EyeLOCAL 11:42:00
BarqueHaunted by Fire 11:44:31
Evanora UnlimitedEldest SisterLOCAL 11:49:16
Blind SeagullsFilthLOCAL 11:51:30
Vein.fmThe Killing WombLOCAL 11:56:30