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pronounced "zed". spotlighting the weird and wonderful since 2016. get wet and fed after midnight with us on thursdays from 12 to 2am UPDATE: planet z moves into the land of the living with a new 10 to 12 timeslot every monday morning! shamble zombie-like into the week with the dawn of the zed, or listen back if you can't make it out of the graveyard shift.

talking popular culture, folklore and weird science. playing old faves and local tunes spotted in the wild.

b.y.o theremin noises.

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27 May, 2019

Ball Park MusicWhipping BoyLOCAL 10:05:02
Alex LaheyDon't Be So Hard On YourselfAUS 10:09:59
The PreaturesGirlhoodAUS 10:14:06
An HorseThis is a SongLOCAL 10:16:35
BabaganoujHit SongLOCAL 10:19:07
Cub SportSometimesLOCAL 10:28:13
Fever RayWhen I Grow Up 10:30:41
Methyl EthelDrink WineAUS 10:35:04
WhalehouseThe Bug SongLOCAL 10:39:42
The ChatsTemperatureLOCAL 10:42:11
Amyl & the SniffersI Got YouAUS 10:44:57
VelociraptorSneakersLOCAL 10:53:45
The BelligerentsScience FictionLOCAL 10:57:24
The Vacant SmilesI Made a PactAUS 11:04:38
Alex the AstronautAlready HomeAUS 11:18:55
Cage the ElephantInstant Crush 11:22:16
Phantastic FernitureGap YearAUS 11:27:51
WaaxI AmLOCAL 11:31:12
The GratesBurn BridgesLOCAL 11:34:32
RadioheadTalk Show Host 11:43:21
SantigoldThe Keepers 11:48:06
JungleBusy Earnin' 11:51:35
The Jungle GiantsFeel the Way I DoLOCAL 11:54:33
Soviet X-Ray Record ClubWeekendLOCAL 11:59:18