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Radio Reversal is a show that subjects aspects of everyday life to historico-political, theoretical, cheeky, irreverent, high brow, low brow, eye brow, warm-hearted analysis. Our aim is to see the world more clearly, think about what we'd like it to become, and how we can make that happen.  We think that discussing these sorts of ideas is one way to lessen the alienation that affects many of us trying to make sense of a world that so often makes no sense of us.  We also play loads of awesome music (sometimes thematic!) with great enthusiasm for requests and an emphasis on supporting local artists. It's fun!

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11 April, 2024

Genocide as a global system: Free West Papua, Free Palestine, Land Back & Liberation

In this episode, we catch up with West Papuan community organiser & diplomat Amatus to understand the ongoing resistance in West Papua, as well as catching up on some of the recent Justice for Palestine events here in so-called brisbane. We’re continuing the work we’ve been doing over the past six months here on Radio Reversal, trying to understand the West Papuan struggle in relation to the ongoing genocide in Palestine, and the long-standing solidarities between First Nations peoples globally. We’ll be talking together about how the term ‘genocide’ emerged, as well as exploring some of the reasons why this term has been applied to some contexts but not others. As we think through the fundamental links between genocide and settler colonialism, we identify how pervasive and interconnected these structures are in our world. So get yourself a cuppa, and prepare for a heavy and vital show on the global operation of genocide, and the necessity of struggling against genocidal violence wherever it takes root.

A big content warning on this show - we will be speaking about the history of genocide across the world, as well as hearing from West Papuan and Palestinian organisers and scholars who are struggling against genocide right now. If anything we talk about today triggers tough feelings for you, we strongly encourage you to reach out to friends and family, to talk through what’s coming up, and to contact Lifeline for free counselling support on 13 11 14. 

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