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Radio Reversal is a show that subjects aspects of everyday life to historico-political, theoretical, cheeky, irreverent, high brow, low brow, eye brow, warm-hearted analysis. Our aim is to see the world more clearly, think about what we'd like it to become, and how we can make that happen.  We think that discussing these sorts of ideas is one way to lessen the alienation that affects many of us trying to make sense of a world that so often makes no sense of us.  We also play loads of awesome music (sometimes thematic!) with great enthusiasm for requests and an emphasis on supporting local artists. It's fun!

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26 January, 2023

Invasion Day 2023

Listen back this week for a jam-packed Invasion Day broadcast. We're honoured and overwhelmed to be linking up this morning with an incredible group of people to talk through the big concerns that drive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to mark this day, year after year, decade after decade. First up, we chat with queer Jarowair man and Indigenous health worker Colin Mickelo, to talk about the material reality of colonial violence and the everyday resistance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Then we have a chat to Wiradjuri trans non-binary Professor Sandy O'Sullivan, to talk about the limitations of colonial discourses and the continuing violence of "patriarchal white sovereignty." Finally, we'll join Mununjahli and South Sea Islander Professor Chelsea Watego as she makes her way into the Meeanjin Invasion Day march, to talk about what's gone down this week, and the many and varied ways that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people resist, refuse, and reassert their sovereignty, every day in the colony.
Lastly, we'll do a quick cross over to the march just before 10am, to get the run-down on how things are going on site, and what you need to know before you get there. So tune in as you make your way into the city to march in solidarity, or settle in to mark Invasion Day in the ways that work for you. And if you miss the show, head over to 4zzz to listen back:
SachemGlitter and Gold ft. Tom ThumLOCAL 09:01:00
A B OriginalJanuary 26AUS 09:10:00
Mop and the Drop OutsBrisbane BlacksLOCAL 09:22:00
Mo'JuChange has to comeAUS 09:38:00
TiddasBurdens to bearAUS 09:51:00
MC Triks & Babe SunWe Still Right HereLOCAL 09:57:00