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Radio Reversal is a show that subjects aspects of everyday life to historico-political, theoretical, cheeky, irreverent, high brow, low brow, eye brow, warm-hearted analysis. Our aim is to see the world more clearly, think about what we'd like it to become, and how we can make that happen.  We think that discussing these sorts of ideas is one way to lessen the alienation that affects many of us trying to make sense of a world that so often makes no sense of us.  We also play loads of awesome music (sometimes thematic!) with great enthusiasm for requests and an emphasis on supporting local artists. It's fun!

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18 April, 2024

Six months of genocide in Gaza, one year of war in Sudan

6 months of genocide,
6 months of silence and complicity from our leaders,
6 months of resistance,
6 months too long!

Electric FieldsAnpuru Maau KutjpaAUS 09:03:00
Tia GostelowAll Ur SorrowLOCAL 09:13:00
RivermouthSomething Like PeaceLOCAL 09:26:00
Matt Hsu's Obscure Orchestra, Chelsea Watego, BADASSMUTHALIVE. LAUGH. DECOLONISE.LOCAL 09:30:00
Sereen, DOBBY, Jafar, Wejdan Shamala, Sara Sale7, Zeadala, Najah Haidar, MC Trey, Maissa, L-FRESH The LION, Kid Pharaoh, Dem Mob, Dema Chaikhouni, Moe Omran, Ali Samman, Big Rigs, BVT, ChillCheneyUNTIL WE'RE ALL FREEAUS 09:47:00
Essam Satti, Ali Naseraldeenأهل العمار (The People of Al-Ammar) 09:57:00