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12:00 AM - 2:00 AM

RandomiZZZed is the classic early graveyard show in which a disparate crew give the late night / early morning listeners a tasty and ever-evolving midnight snack of the wheat and chaff from the Hot Bin and Archive based on the request line, ‘what might be a good idea at the time’ and ‘the roll of the dice’ to select the genres and build two hours of smoking cool tunes. RandomiZZZed - Loose Radio!



01 February, 2023

World Premiere & a Birthday

Hej RandomiZZZers, this week was hugeZZZ with a comrade having a birthday and Grace Gallagher gifting us the world premiere of her new release.  More bubbleZZZ pleasZZZ.

PS. Remember to get down to King Lear's Throne on 16 Feb to see a gold class group of Zed bands free: Sali Eri, Tina and the Hams and headlining TANGELO
Viagra BoysPunk Rock Looser 12:02:07
Grace GallagherBy the Book [World premiere]LOCAL 12:14:22
Grace GallagherMoving Now 12:17:38
Full Power Happy HourWe Are LoveLOCAL 12:32:12
Wet Season ModeratorLOCAL 12:35:12
SampologyWe Are LoveLOCAL 12:41:30
Fontaines D.CSkinty Fear 12:45:28
Martha MarlowDon't Want To Grow UpAUS 12:56:12
IveyValentineLOCAL 12:59:41
PtingBooAUS 01:03:40
The BethsKnees DeepAUS 01:08:44
Anthonie TonnonTwenty Three [Kiwi classic] AUS 01:13:20
Charlie Needs BracesSaltwater PeopleAUS
AppolosJoiass [Archive lucky dip] 01:41:00
Bantha FooderAmphetamarines [Archive lucky dip]LOCAL 01:42:14
Perry CommoHelllo Young Lovers [Archive classic] 01:45:42
Rob EdwardsApmereAUS 01:49:42
Hana StrettonCome HomeAUS 00:00:00
Grace GallagherBy the BookLOCAL 01:52:02