De, Rani, Alison, Tristan and DJ Ozzz


12:00 AM - 2:00 AM

RandomiZZZed is the classic early graveyard show in which a disparate crew give the late night / early morning listeners a tasty and ever-evolving midnight snack of the wheat and chaff from the Hot Bin and Archive based on the request line, ‘what might be a good idea at the time’ and ‘the roll of the dice’ to select the genres and build two hours of smoking cool tunes. RandomiZZZed - Loose Radio!



24 May, 2023

Missed emails and doggos

What do you get when you combine missed emails and songs about dogs? Another 2 hours of RandomiZZZed radio of course. This week... we clean out the RandomiZZZed mailbox and play new singles from Kitschen Boy, Powersuit and Michael Platter... Dee rolls the dice on the hot bin and... thanks to this week's random theme 'doggos', we play a plethora of tracks about our four legged friends and/or by bands/artists that embrace canines. This episode is for all the hounds that have made and continue to make our human lives so much better... A WOO!

Viagra BoysPunk Rock Loser 12:00:32
Kitschen BoyClose FriendsAUS 12:07:10
PowersuitTailspinAUS 12:10:24
Michael PlatterYour Family GhostsAUS 12:14:25
KilltoysBlind GodLOCAL 12:20:56
Jem Cassar-DaleyKing Of DisappointmentAUS 12:25:04
Hollie JoyI Don't Want To Be AnotherLOCAL 12:29:09
Hot RenoFor Old Times SakeLOCAL 12:32:34
Hunters & CollectorsDogAUS 12:40:00
King StingrayCamp DogAUS 12:43:38
MitskiI Bet On Losing Dogs 12:47:11
boygeniusMe And My Dog 12:49:57
MoretonThe Dog YearsLOCAL 12:57:28
Arlo ParksBlack Dog 12:53:48
phemI Love My Dog 01:05:03
Sir ChloeI Am The Dog 01:07:41
Tiny RuinsDogs DreamingAUS 01:11:10
Wasabi BarbieSteve Bucemi DogAUS 01:15:25
Wil WagnerLaikaAUS 01:20:46
Smallest HorseDogs From GumtreeLOCAL 01:25:07
Resin DogsQue KumbersLOCAL 01:28:35
Laughing ClownsEvery Dog Has Its DayLOCAL 01:32:28
The FauvesDogs Are The Best PeopleAUS 01:36:13
Slag QueensDogsAUS 01:39:28
Tralala BlipDogboy SoldierLOCAL 01:42:54
Doggie HeavenAfter DarkLOCAL 01:47:22
Low LifeDown At The DogsAUS 01:52:10
The StoogesI Wanna Be Your Dog 01:57:10