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This radio show is produced on the stolen lands of the Yuggera, Jagera and Turbul people. I extend my respect to elders past and present annd any First Nations listeners.

There are only two types of music Country and Western.

And.....well my record collection says different.

But you'll mainly hear Country and Western here.

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Open your heart and Country and Western will fill it!

The Rhinestone Cowgirl


09 April, 2024

Episode 106: How is it the Second week Of April?!

CityPissRhinestone CowgirlLOCAL 01:01:07
Judas Priest Breaking The Law 01:04:32

For Parkinosn's Awareness month

Neil DiamondBrooklyn Road 01:08:34

For Parkinson's Awareness month

THe Dead SouthA Place I Hard Know 01:12:15
Al SpeersCowboyAUS 01:16:11
Allie JeanPretty On The OutsideAUS 01:19:41
Charley CrockettHard Luck & Circumstance 01:23:22
William AlexanderCastlereaghAUS 01:29:45
The Silver Spurs Could Of Had It AllLOCAL 01:34:15
Linda RonstadtTumbling Dice 01:38:13
Sue RayWalking These StreetsLOCAL 01:41:43
Pete CullenDisco CowboyLOCAL 01:48:46
Toots and the MaytalsTake Me Home Country Roads 01:52:11
Joel LeggettCup Of TeaAUS 01:57:07
Benny ElderCoffee Don't Taste The SameAUS 02:01:40
Slim DustyWaltzing MatildaAUS 02:05:14

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Johnny CashThe Man Comes Around 02:08:36
Elle McK & The UnbelieversBonesAUS 02:15:28
Wonder Women of CountryI Have Met My Love Today 02:20:01
JB PatersonRiverboat BluesLOCAL 02:23:01
Jenny Don't & The SpursPain In My Heart 02:27:50
Kelsey Waldon Ft. S.G GoodmanHello Stranger 02:31:48
Queenie & Henry WagonsAlone With YouAUS 02:37:45
Sierra FerrellI Could Drive You Crazy 02:40:59
Sierra FerrellFox Hunt 02:44:31
Suicide Country HourI Want YouLOCAL 02:43:31
Good Corn LiquorThe JunctionAUS 02:52:20
Captain & TennilleLove Will Keep Us Together 02:56:32

PArkinson's Awareness Month