Rusted Satellites

Cieon and Kurt


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Ambient, instrumental and experimental music from Australia and around the world. Featuring occasional live performances by local, interstate and international musicians. Hosted by Cieon and Kurt.


18 September, 2022

Ad HocThe Mist AUS 06:01:22
Sandy HsuWomanAUS 06:09:46
Midori TakadaMr Henri Rousseau's Dream 06:13:40
Caterina Barbieri Fantas 06:30:29
Laurie SpiegelPatchwork 06:41:34
FenneszChateau Rouge 06:51:27
William Barton and Véronique Serret Dreamtime Dawning #4LOCAL 07:03:34
Lily TaitTwinkling Flute Of The MindAUS 07:07:04
NonsemblePhorusrhacosLOCAL 07:17:06
MJ O'NeillHeavenlyLOCAL 07:27:55
OvalDo While (Command + X) 07:33:09
The CaretakerAnd Heart Breaks 07:37:48
The Dying Beauties ProjectJarsLOCAL 07:42:30
Spirit LightsSun ArpsLOCAL 07:46:41
Wampyric Ritesll 07:56:23