Rusted Satellites

Cieon and Kurt


6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Ambient, instrumental and experimental music from Australia and around the world. Featuring occasional live performances by local, interstate and international musicians. Hosted by Cieon and Kurt.


05 June, 2022

Rachel Dadd, Maja LaenaKnot 06:00:31
Dried Spider featuring NiikaOf EvergreenLOCAL 06:05:04
Flightless Birds Take WingLatrobeLOCAL 06:08:55
Flora Wong, Jodie Rottle, Chris PerrenEscapementLOCAL 06:17:00
Flora Wong, Kezia YapConversation in the MountainLOCAL 06:32:14
Ichiko Aoba Prologue (Live at Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Tokyo, 2021) 06:49:08
Francesco CavaliereSpezzata Che Raffigura il Volto di Francis 06:55:25
Kot KotU Sosny 07:00:07
Orphan Fairytale~°~°~°~ 07:05:28
Guru BobolSertille 07:13:26
Natalie BeridzeAsh WednesdayLOCAL 07:28:19
Yui OnoderaToo Ne ILOCAL 07:28:19
Peneolope TrappesNervous 07:42:00
Crying FucksLachrymal Sac OcclusionLOCAL 07:48:36