Soul-Jah Sistars

Tabatha & Michelle


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

SoulJah Sistars - Two tiddas in Meanjin yarning each week about the women of colour that inspire them. Fierce and Soulful women who have made a difference are presented by Tab and Michelle. 



04 February, 2023

Renee Geyer

Renee GeyerIt's A Man's Man's WorldLOCAL 00:00:00
Renee GeyerMoving OnAUS
Renee GeyerStares and WhispersAUS
Renee GeyerHeading In The Right DirectionAUS
Renee GeyerSay I Love YouAUS
Renee GeyerDifficult WomanAUS
Renee GeyerStanding On Shaky GroundAUS
Renee GeyerYil LullAUS