Klo Phelan


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Spellbound explores the theme of being spellbound (by anything), but in particular, by virtue of lyrics and literature. A broad musical focus featuring First Nations, funk, folk, folk pop, jazz, alt rock, soundtracks, experimental and prog, psychedelic and world music. Stuff that is mellow, mesmeric, relaxedly uplifting, or spellbinding.

Throughout the course of this program I'll chat to musicians, poets, and people attuned to the unique physiological connection between words ~ feelings ~ sensations.

Spellbound is an interactive program that encourages you, whoever you are, to write/record/express sensations, and submit them for discussion. It is also a safe and inclusive space, open to all. Email me! kloephelan@gmail.com


22 January, 2023

This evening's set features the mesmerising storytelling of Yorta Yorta musician, composer, and poet, Allara. The ethereal melancholic tales from Nordic folk group Kalandra. The impressionistic dreamstate soundwaves of Missouri biologist Joe Zempel. The jazz-informed, experimental yet tender curiosities of Naarm’s Danika. A crystal cave of kaleidoscopic trance with Montreal’s Priori, and playfully observational throes from Makaurau band Tiny Ruins.

Allara diyalanaAUS
Allara ngatha nhawa-l nanyirrAUS
Kalandra Virkleghetens Etterklang
Kalandra Brave New World
Joe ZempelCedar Womb
Joe ZempelSome Kind of Ghoul (featuring Bethany Conerly)
Danika Suit of ArmourAUS
Danika For MeAUS
Priori 2-9-1
2-9-1The Village
Tiny RuinsHolograms