Klo Phelan


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Spellbound explores the theme of being spellbound (by anything), but in particular, by virtue of poetry, lyricism, and their often inextricable connection to sound. A broad musical focus featuring First Nations, funk, folk, folk pop, jazz, alt rock, soundtracks, experimental and prog, psychedelic and world music. Stuff that is mellow, mesmeric, relaxedly uplifting, or spellbinding. *ethereal is the most overused word for good reason!* 

Throughout the course of this program I'll chat to musicians, poets, and people attuned to the unique physiological connection between words ~ feelings ~ sensations. 

Spellbound is an interactive program that encourages you, whoever you are, to write/record/express sensations, sounds, and stanzas, and submit them for discussion. It is also a safe and inclusive space, open to all. Email me! kloephelan@gmail.com 


07 May, 2023

Fledgling Meanjin prog 3-piece, Prince Peace, released their first single, Sweet Little Head, in December last year. A couple of weeks out from the release of their second single, I was lucky enough to have a wholesome chat with lead singer and bass player Georgia - nerdy giggles included. We cover all things poetry and lyricism, the classically trained flute to (pink) bass transition, the slope from musical theatre and T-Swift to metal and prog, and sensory set dreams! 

Take a listen to Georgia's Spin featuring just a lick of the tracks that inspire Prince Peace's sound and Georgia's lyric writing process. Some cheeky Sylvia Plath mentions in there, too. 

Stream Prince Peace's 'Sweet Little Head' now, and 'Mine Again' from 26 May!

PS. Check out Georgia's fibre arts Insta dordy.studio for a magical peak of insanely wonderful textile goodness. 

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