The Brisbane Drum n B4zzz Show

Green Eggs & Sam


10:00 PM - 12:00 AM

A 2 hour weekly Drum And Bass show which aims to showcase local producers tunes and host local DJ's guest mixes, as well as fill you in on all things happening in our DNB scene here in Brisbane, The Gold Coast and The Sunshine Coast. Hosted by local DJ's SAMp3Green Eggs & Sam, ReegzeSkitzoid and Kim De La Haye. If you'd like to hear your song played or just want to get in touch please email


24 September, 2023

S2E41 The Brisbane Drum & B4zzz Show Feat. Green Eggs & Sam

Recorded live from The Quivr in Winn Lane, Green Eggs & Sam is back. Starting off with some new additions to the USB, as always touching on some fresh Aotearoa music. Then highlighting some incoming artists who are gracing Meanjin very soon. Squeeze in a palette cleanser an influential classic and to round it off a mix at the end with a couple of bars from some guests in the studio.

Halogenix , GLXYUnconditional 10:01:24
Monty, Liam BaileyNo Sunset For Soul 10:04:50
Total Science, ChimpoShoot to Kill 10:07:32
AdzzyHollow Point 10:10:35
EmeryxSpirit Motion 10:13:48
London Grammar & CamelphatHigher (Repair Bootleg) 10:18:27
Flowidus, Lauren L'aimantSave Us 10:21:45
DoesCloser 10:25:03
PhraseThief 10:27:57
PhraseLights 10:29:30
State of Mind , Black Sun EmpireOn a Mission 10:32:54
Sola, PlasmatorLightbombs 10:37:34
ThotoControla 10:42:06
MincyCan You Keep A SecretAUS 10:45:35
MincyCorn PelletsAUS 10:50:13
Paige JuliaWrath 10:55:03
Paige JuliaCompassion 10:57:59
MontyGas Tank 11:02:58
dBridge feat VegasTrue Romance 11:08:04
Green Eggs & SamLive Mix 11:12:36