The Brown Couch

The Peoples' Request Show...


3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Join us every Thursday for the Shananigans as 
Paulie D & Ben carry you away from the stresses of the day and keep you glued to the radio and entertained as they play mainly in all of its forms, some hot hair ballooning and most importantly take your requests and dedications.

TEXT IN FOR REQUESTS : 0420 626 733 

Make a Request, Relax and Enjoy the Ride that is Four Triple Zed FM 

Jump onto the couch for a Lazy Wild 'Arternoon' Ride !! 
"Welcome listeners from across the country across the tasman,
aannnnnd most importantly right across Brisbane and the greater south east.
You are listening to The Brown Couch on Community Radio Four Tripple Zed 102.1fm Brisbane. 
So sit down, relax, subscribe and hold on while we take you away to the land of happiness."


11 July, 2024

Frenzal RhombBronze For Strayia! 03:06:06
Frenzal RhombThe Dead Heart (Midnight Oil) 03:03:00
Southeast Desert MetalBeds Are Burning 03:05:51
Mulga Bore Hard RockLet Me Rock 'n' Roll 03:11:30
Us MobWrong Side of the Road 03:15:35
Mop and the DropoutsBrisbane Blacks 03:17:50
Warumpi BandBlackfella/Whitefella 03:20:21
Coloured StoneNo More Boomerang 03:25:19
Thelma PlumBetter In Blak 03:29:23
Baker BoyIn Control 03:32:35
DobbyDirrpi Yuin Patjulinya 03:41:38
King StingrayBest Bits 03:45:24
RegurgitatorDirty Old Men (feat. JK47) 03:49:50
Yothu YindiTimeless Land 03:51:38
The Peep TempelDon't You Love Me Joan? (Joe) 03:57:36
The DistainedExalt 04:02:30
Sketch MethodCharm Offensive 04:06:39
Witless FucktardsHarshin' My Buzz 04:11:44
RingpullToo Legit To Quit 04:12:18
BackhandAre The Chains Really Off? 04:17:49
SLOJEzy Livin' 04:17:28
Mitch, PleaseMorris Mentum 04:20:20
Left CassetteTwo Left Shoes 04:25:32
C.O.F.F.I.NDead Land 04:35:04
Louie LewisThe Dream is Over 04:39:58
Dead KennediesBleed for Me 04:40:56
Yves Klein BluePolka 04:43:57
BarkaaBlak Matriarch 04:49:51
A.B. Original2 Black 2 Strong 04:51:37
The Dog TrackersKeep it Real Boss 04:55:19
Mischief BrewRoll Me Through the Gates of Hell 05:08:15
FlangipanisWow 05:13:32
The Rockefeller FrequencyI'm So Evil 05:18:19
WildheartThe Lucky Country 05:17:38
GravemindAnaesthsia 05:22:04
IsolationAbuse of Power 05:25:15
Southeast Desert MetalDesert Metal 05:28:52
Nerve DamageHard Rain 05:34:29
DispossessedBlack Gaze 05:34:35
Municipal WasteSlime And Punishment 05:40:14
Rich White HippyDrudge 05:42:49
KillPillPills for Kids 05:43:12
Beddy RaysMilk 05:55:00
LRFShell 05:53:08