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Join us every Thursday for the Shananigans as 
Paulie D & Ben carry you away from the stresses of the day and keep you glued to the radio and entertained as they play mainly in all of its forms, some hot hair ballooning and most importantly take your requests and dedications.

TEXT IN FOR REQUESTS : 0420 626 733 

Make a Request, Relax and Enjoy the Ride that is Four Triple Zed FM 

Jump onto the couch for a Lazy Wild 'Arternoon' Ride !! 
"Welcome listeners from across the country across the tasman,
aannnnnd most importantly right across Brisbane and the greater south east.
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26 January, 2023

Invasion Day Show

Frenzal RhombBronze for Straya
BlowhardTully And Ren 03:02:58
RingpullAction Figure Man 03:05:02
Sketch MethodSelf Appointed Hipster Wannabe 03:07:54
Local Resident FailureWhere The Bloody Hell Are Ya? 03:12:26
The Dog TrackersSeven Foot Seven 03:14:03
Mitch, PleaseBricks 03:16:40
Sausage ChopperDr. Pogo 03:23:40
Local Resident FailurePlaying The Race Card 03:24:51
Nerve DamageAlways was - Always will be 03:33:41
WildheartBackburner 03:33:54
Community CervixFriends 03:39:35
Ziggy RamoSugar Coated Lies ft. Alice Skye 03:40:38
DZ Deathrays, Briggs, Jesswar & TrialsFront Row Hustle 03:43:13
DubmarineNone The Wiser 03:46:57
Bob VylanPretty Songs 03:51:06
The Ancient BloodsAunties On My Timeline 03:52:34
The Australian Beefweek Showwhat's the go with fuckwits? 04:00:39
The Owen GunsPulling on the Boots (racist dickhead) 04:03:42
Frenzal RhombWhite World 04:06:50
Escape From ToytownFish And Chip Country 04:05:23
The Disables36 Month Detention 04:11:50
NOFXYou're Wrong 04:15:49
50 BagsLive Free Smoke Weed 04:16:49
Evil EddieQueensland (Bewilderbeats Remix) 04:19:08
Yothu YindiTreaty 04:27:18
Surfin BirdYou And The Others 04:28:11
The CurrencyBlood in the Water 04:33:47
Paddy McHugh & The GoldminersArthur Gorrie Correctional Centre 04:36:33
Mitch, PleaseSurfboard Riding Ryan 04:43:05
Mop & the DropoutsBrisbane Blacks 04:41:19
Wirrinyga BandArnhem Land Swamp Echoes 04:45:51
King StingrayGet Me Out 04:46:27
Mervin - Western Desert MobPapunya (monkey remix) 04:50:32
Rap News with Ken OathcarnAustralia Day 04:57:48
The P.I. Boyz with Desert Pea MobAboriginal Justice 04:55:13
JK-47Guess Again 05:02:38
The Black TurtlesStand Up! 05:05:27
Monster FodderBrain Hammer 05:08:53
DefianceYour Country is Shit 05:12:47
ShandyKookaburra Sings 05:17:29
WhoroborosA Body for Everybody 05:24:09
FlangipanisGood Little Taxpayer 05:26:47
Cull the BandGod forgives I don't 05:30:19
C.O.F.F.I.NDead Land 05:32:20
Blood Sucking FreaksSelf-Titled EP 1997 05:36:35
Spy vs SpyInjustice 05:37:57
Ugly DucklingA Little Samba (The Forbidden Mix) 05:40:50
Warumpi BandJailanguru Pakarnu (Out From Jail) 05:48:14
Ziggy RamoLittle Things (feat. Paul Kelly) 05:47:03
Warumpi BandFrom the Bush 03:24:31