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3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Join us every Thursday for the Shananigans as 
Paulie D & Ben carry you away from the stresses of the day and keep you glued to the radio and entertained as they play mainly in all of its forms, some hot hair ballooning and most importantly take your requests and dedications.

TEXT IN FOR REQUESTS : 0420 626 733 

Make a Request, Relax and Enjoy the Ride that is Four Triple Zed FM 

Jump onto the couch for a Lazy Wild 'Arternoon' Ride !! 
"Welcome listeners from across the country across the tasman,
aannnnnd most importantly right across Brisbane and the greater south east.
You are listening to The Brown Couch on Community Radio Four Tripple Zed 102.1fm Brisbane. 
So sit down, relax, subscribe and hold on while we take you away to the land of happiness."


21 March, 2024

Frenzal RhombBronze For Strayia! 03:04:56
Celibate Rifles with Jello Biafra(I'm) Stranded 03:01:04
The Clash (feat. Pearl Harbour)Fujiyama Mama 03:06:53
The Surfin GuitarsWipeout 03:09:23
Devo feat. Jula BellGirl U Want 03:11:31
The D4High Voltage 03:12:34
Sonic AnimationAdd It Up 03:15:44
The HivesMad Man 03:22:23
Stabbitha and the Knifey WifeysStockyard 03:29:07
De PorsalPunch 03:30:47
TFSCan't Stop 03:32:41
Dead KennedysSaturday Night Holocaust 03:35:59
King StingrayThrough The Trees 03:41:25
The ChatsThe Price of Smokes 03:44:26
ARSELevel Skipper 03:48:47
Nerf HerderJacket 03:53:32
The PingersDrinkin 03:52:43
No BroDelete Delete Delete 03:57:43
The SnoutsLost to the Sea 03:58:58
The WrathWrong Side 04:00:44
Tiger SnakesShallow Grave 04:02:43
Kathleen Turner OverdriveGurlzilla 04:04:00
Burnt TrashRoma Street 04:09:14
Nancy VandalStand By Your Fad 04:14:24
Baldhead and the DreadsSmoke Weed Pet Dogs 04:16:32
RegurgitatorThis is not a Pop Song ft. Peaches 04:34:31
The BenniesLet's Have A Party 04:19:32
HightimeTear Us Apart 04:34:16
Operation IbisCo-Operation Ibis 04:40:01
La FettsNew Abuse 04:40:54
Gusset RatsWake Up 04:42:24
Cosmic PsychosBetter, Not Bitter 04:44:52
Terminal SleepElicit Fear 04:47:35
Sketch MethodPanic! At The Costco 04:52:47
JJ SpeedballCome and Get me Coppers 04:55:25
CopiusEyes on the Road 04:57:58
Suicide Country HourI'm Shit 04:57:39
Sarah Shook & The DisarmersMotherfucker 05:01:41
Deke Dickerson & D.J. BonebrakeRemember Mojo Nixon 05:04:23
Victims Of NoahDanger Banana 05:10:07
Kill PillPills for Kids 05:14:17
The StrippRock Machine 05:15:50
Dad FightI Can't See Straight 05:17:29
MasochistAsleep Standing 05:24:15
BlowhardSquid with no name 05:19:50
Friends With The EnemyDays Are Numbered 05:24:19
DrudgeLife's a Drudge 05:32:01
BlusshShut Up Becky 05:31:02
Ess-EmBone Dry 05:32:44
NOFXThe Decline 05:23:43