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3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Join us every Thursday for the Shananigans as 
Paulie D & Ben carry you away from the stresses of the day and keep you glued to the radio and entertained as they play mainly in all of its forms, some hot hair ballooning and most importantly take your requests and dedications.

TEXT IN FOR REQUESTS : 0420 626 733 

Make a Request, Relax and Enjoy the Ride that is Four Triple Zed FM 

Jump onto the couch for a Lazy Wild 'Arternoon' Ride !! 
"Welcome listeners from across the country across the tasman,
aannnnnd most importantly right across Brisbane and the greater south east.
You are listening to The Brown Couch on Community Radio Four Tripple Zed 102.1fm Brisbane. 
So sit down, relax, subscribe and hold on while we take you away to the land of happiness."


30 November, 2023

Frenzal RhombBronze For Strayia! 03:05:22
L7Bloodstains 03:03:03
Back'N'BlackTouch Too Much 03:05:09
Tropical Fuck StormThis Perfect Day (feat. Amy Taylor) 03:15:53
Amyl and The SniffersGot You 03:11:20
The Wayne Keys ShowDrive On Drugs 03:16:51
NOBROI Don't Feel Like It 03:16:19
Sketch MethodCharm Offensive 03:18:48
ButterfingersI Love Work 03:27:39
The ChatsHolier Than Thou 03:34:29
BlowhardKnow Your Product 03:36:19
C.O.F.F.I.NFactory Man 03:38:46
The HolophonicsDespacito 03:42:04
RUSSKAJAEnergia 03:46:33
'68Whether Terrified or Unafraid 03:54:37
PennywiseCity Is Burning 03:50:15
The Rockefeller FrequencySomething Stupid I Want 04:02:33
KAROSHINot My Style 04:05:53
PunktiliousJungle 04:09:25
Limp BizzzzkitBreak Stuff 04:13:49
Panic ShackI Don't Really Like It 04:15:32
One More BillyMad Government Weed 04:20:16
East Coast AlienHigh To Get By 04:23:23
Ugly DucklingEndless Summer 04:24:43
Death GripsI've Seen Footage 04:29:42
Being Jane LaneSavage Sunday 04:34:22
The MeatTraitor 04:38:07
MasochistAsleep Standing 04:46:31
EvictionMasked Autism 04:53:37
QueerbaitRolled Eyes 04:48:51
Society GirlNot Telling 04:56:04
WhoroborosTrue Blue 04:52:20
the BCASAMario Kart 64 04:59:22
Wayne KeysI Got A Truck 05:01:13
Bad SextHear Me Out, Eat Me Out 05:04:54
Victims Of NoahDanger Bannana 05:10:56
BOUDICCAThe Drovers Wife 05:10:54
Le MurdTouchin' Cloth 05:17:22
Community CervixOi, Oi, Oi 05:20:14
DebaserGood One Franko 05:27:16
36 GritJohnny Don't Surf 05:29:03
Dead KennedysPotshot Heard Round The World 05:32:52
WeenPush Th' Little Daisies 05:34:24
Acid CherryCherry Acid 05:38:48
Square TugsNo Shoes, 2 Mobile Phones 05:44:23
Bantha FodderDark By Demand 05:46:45
Midwife CrisisWills of Killers 05:52:19
Ghost CollegeDown the Hill 05:53:39