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23 September, 2022

The Flower Show

With Nick off smelling the roses for spring, the flower power crew of Dee, Salty (The Rhinestone Cowgirl) and DJ Ozzz (ShoegraZZZe) filled Studio 2 with the blooms and petals of the top 20 mostest played music of the week, oh and little bit of karaoke.... Full credit to Dee for finding the gourmet selection of on theme filler tracks!

The Chartshow this week was brought to you by the 2022 Radiothon Pet Subscriber prize winner - Myrtle the Bush Turkey

Bean Magazine20. When I get OlderLOCAL 06:07:01
Mouse19. PetalLOCAL 06:11:09
VOIIDLexaproLOCAL 06:12:43
Icehouse (Flowers)Electric Blue (Dee's filler selection)AUS 06:16:22
WAAX17. Mermaid BeachLOCAL 06:24:18
Mess Esque16. Liminal SpaceLOCAL 06:20:56
The Beths (NZL)15. Expert in a Dying FieldAUS 06:27:53
Sandi ThomI Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers in My Hair) (Dee's filler selection) 06:32:34
Talking Heads(Nothingh But) Flowers (Dee's positive pick) 06:35:02
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (Ft Kylie Mingue)Where the Wild Roses Grow (Dee's positive pick)AUS 06:41:00
The Statler BrothersFlowers On The Wall (Dee's filler selection) 06:45:54
Julia Jacklin14. Be Careful With YourselfAUS 06:48:15
Sycco13. JinxLOCAL 06:51:58
100%12. AbandonLOCAL 06:54:52
MobyFlower Gone in 60 Seconds (Dee's filler selection)
Full Flower Moon Band11. HighwayLOCAL 06:59:05
Syzygy10. Anchor and AdjustLOCAL 07:04:01
Girl and Girl09. Garden SongLOCAL 07:08:15
Scott McKenzieIf You're Going to San Francisco (Dee's filler selection)
The Chats08. Getting BetterLOCAL 07:11:28
Terra Pines07. GreenLOCAL 07:15:05
Thelma Plum06. When It Rains it PoursLOCAL 07:18:39
TchaikovskyWaltz of the Flowers (Deels filler selection)
Adele And The Chandeliers05. Up Here For ThinkingLOCAL 07:23:17
Andrew Gurruwiwi Band04. GatjumakAUS 07:26:47
Renovator's Delight03. All NightLOCAL 07:30:25
The Double Happiness02. WarregoLOCAL 07:33:33
BLUSSH01. GlamourLOCAL 07:57:02