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A weekly roundup of the 20 most played artists on 4ZZZ, plus chart highlights from stations around the world.

I mean I sort of don't know what else to tell you, it's all there, isn't it. 


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12 April, 2024

You've Got Red On You

Local AuthorityHang The WorldLOCAL
King StingrayThrough The TreesAUS
BarkaaWe UpAUS
KillPillHow To Be An InfluencerLOCAL
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious FiveWhite Lines
BuzzcocksWhy Can't I Touch It?
IDLESGift Horse
McLuskyTo Hell With Good Intentions
Sheer MagMoonstruck
The Neon SignsOne Kiss Is FatalLOCAL
Locust RevivalLocust HausLOCAL
Lunar DirtTractor BeamLOCAL
The Stress Of LeisureInteresting TimesLOCAL
Electric Prawns III Love Rock n Roll (I Love It)LOCAL
Bean Magazine3LOCAL
RegurgitatorCocaine RunwayLOCAL
Sleigh BellsRill Rill
The SpecialsGhost Town
Denzel KennedyWho Got It?LOCAL
Eliza & The DelusionalsMake It Feel Like The GardenLOCAL
Girl And GirlMotherLOCAL
SyccoI'd Love To Tell YouLOCAL
Worm GirlzCool GirlLOCAL
Radium DollsTractor PartsLOCAL
SerpetteUltra ViolenceAUS
VelociraptorComputer Future Part 1LOCAL