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6:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Anyone who may have tuned into 4ZZZ on a Tuesday morning between midnight and 2am in the past year and a half would be familiar with the show Salmon Chanted Evening. The J Spot with Jae Salmon is basically Salmon Chanted Evening in a new timeslot.

The J Spot is the show that lets your ears test drive a tasty slice of the live music that is about to land in our fair city and teases you with some of the ones you just missed. With a penchant for gigs that appear in the smaller venues around town J Salmon will whet your apetite for the gigs you will want to add to your weekend 'Must See' lists.

There is also new music from Australian and Local Artists and the occasional overseas Artist too. Hear what's hitting The J Spot on the best damn music show on this station between 6am and 9am on a Wednesday Morning. You know it!!

Recent (made up) research shows that people who attend live music are happier, healthier and feel more fulfilled.

See live music - It's better than television.

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31 May, 2017

The Finale

And... it's over... the last ever "The J Spot" .... Jae has already left (broken wing, and all that)... so it's Blair pushing the boat out for the last time.

Thanks Jae, you've been awesome.... #missyou

Thirteen SeventyAll Horizons EndLOCAL 06:02:00
DeafcultRubixLOCAL 06:05:00
Major LeaguesGood LoveLOCAL 06:08:00
Cheap FakesTouch N GoLOCAL 06:18:00
The CreasesEverybody KnowsLOCAL 06:21:00
TigertownPapernoteAUS 06:25:00
Vaudeville SmashDangerousAUS 06:36:00
Cookin' On 3 BurnersSweet TalkerAUS 06:41:00
Sex On ToastTakin' OverAUS 06:45:00
Balloons Kill BabiesHTFKLOCAL 06:56:00
Confidence ManBubblegumLOCAL 07:00:00
The Jungle GiantsFeel The Way I DoLOCAL 07:09:00
Bleeding Knees ClubChew The GumLOCAL 07:12:00
WAAXNothing Is AlwaysLOCAL 07:15:00
Emma DeanTimeLOCAL 07:24:00
Bad Lip ReadingSeagulls (Stop It Now) 07:35:00
MecoStar Wars Theme (Disco Mix) 07:39:00
Mayhem For MaryZe EmpireLOCAL 07:50:00
ValhaloreThe WinterstoneLOCAL 07:55:00
Rebel YellHigh AuthorityLOCAL 08:10:00
100%Lost YouthLOCAL 08:14:00
Monster Zoku Onsomb!Bone ReaderLOCAL 08:18:00
Katie NoonanTime To BeginLOCAL 08:30:00
MoretonThe WaterLOCAL 08:50:00
AmelaFallLOCAL 08:57:00