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Nyx is a doctoral scientist, and professional paranormal and UFO researcher.

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Tune in, if you dare! Join your eerie host Nyx Fullmoon, the Ancient Greek Goddess of the Night as she investigates all that is paranormal until the chilling strike of midnight. Hear international and local interviews with professionals in their field and chilling tales of ardent investigations, insideous incantations, and dire information to ferment within the most pious of angelic thoughts and lusts to befit only the most dastardly of demons. If  you have a UFO sighting to report contact: UFORQ (UFO Research Queensland)



19 March, 2023

The Calvine UFO mystery, Near Death Experiences and Nessie has a mate!

We explore the Calvine UFO mystery, considered to be one of the best UFO photos taken in August 1990 in Scotland. Also, should you go to the light when you are dying? Who will meet you? Have you had a Near Death Experience and seen the light? Hear about Nyx's own NDE experience and several others of how she refused to go to the light!.

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