The Youth Show

Charlie & Ash


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Providing a voice for young people in our community and discuss current issues that affect youth!

The Youth Show takes up the cause of Youth Shows of the past and provides a constant youth presence at the station. The program features young voices in the form of its youthful hosts, who bring live interviews with young people in the community including bands, artists, performers and community workers and students.

We highlight free events and compile an all ages gig guide. We hope highlight other youth pursuits such as art and craft and DIY culture. Regular segments include things like Rave culture etc. The program hosts make links with youth advocacy services like the Queensland Youth Council, Get Up and Reach Out.

Contact us if you are looking to promote your youth event, young band, or youth activity - anything that is YOUTH RELATED! We'd love to have you on the show!

Send Demos to:
The Youth Show,
PO BOX 509

Or email:


28 November, 2017

Jayden hosts the last ever youth show for 102.1fm

Dead Letter Circus The MIle AUS
10 Years Insomina
BurgerkillUnder The Scars
WireheadsWonderful WizardLOCAL
DZ DeathraysShred For SummerLOCAL
Queens Of The Stone AgeThe Way You Used To Do
Good BoyFishing With A ShotgunLOCAL
DevilskinStart A RevolutionAUS
WAAXThis EverythingLOCAL
The BenniesGet High Like An AngelAUS
The Bear HuntName And ShameLOCAL
Bleeding Knees ClubCaseLOCAL
The StrumsGimme Some HopeLOCAL
LazertitsNew FriendAUS
Riff RaidersBorn to Raise HellLOCAL