Robert Anderson


6:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Three hours of fine power-pop punk rock-n-roll to get your Friday headed in the right direction!

6:00 am - howdoyado

some tunes

some events happenin'

some more tunes

bit more tunes

9:00 am - bubeye


29 September, 2023

Fontaines D.C.A Lucid Dream
SwervedriverSetting Sun
GodfathersBirth, School, Work, Death
Wet LegUr Mum
smol fishSweet TasteAUS
The ScientistsBlood Red RiverLOCAL
Johnny HunterTry As You MayAUS
The SaintsSwing For The CrimeLOCAL
ClownsI Shaved My Legs For YouAUS
Dead KennedysMoon Over Marin
Vic Godard & The Subway SectAmbition
MallwalkerNot For You
KTO.KathleenTurnerOverdriveI'm Not ChangingLOCAL
C.O.F.F.I.NCut You OffAUS
CIVICEnd of the LineAUS
The StrippAin't No Crime (To Rock 'n' Roll)AUS
StranglersGolden Brown
The CureLet's Go To Bed
The Rockefeller FrequencyThis Modern LifeLOCAL
The BaitonesBaby What You Want Me To Do
WhoroborosS.C.U.M. (I Shot Andy Warhol)LOCAL
WeezerSay It Ain't So
Sincere EngineerCalifornia King
DescendentsSuburban Home
Bad ReligionWe're Only Gonna Die
Dead to MeI Wanna Die in Los Angeles
Neighborhood BratsFast & Loose
Perve Endings20 SomethingAUS
Kate BushRunning Up That Hill
Last QuokkaDisconnectedAUS
XDevil Doll
The Bob Gordons(Would It Be Different If My) Girlfriend [Liked My Band?]AUS
RegurgitatorFat Cop (Album Version)LOCAL
Cosmic PsychosThe Man Who Drank Too MuchAUS
HatersQuit My JobLOCAL
Bad NervesCan't Be Mine
King TuffDemon From Hell
Jay ReatardIt Ain't Gonna Save Me
Sweet ReaperDrink the Poison
The GratesScience Is GoldenLOCAL
The Hard-OnsApartment For TwoAUS
The SnowdroppersDo the StompAUS
Square TugsVokda Lime SodaLOCAL
The Disgruntled TaxpayersFabric Softener Is The Secret To My SexinessLOCAL
The Big NewsQuit My Job Today
Panic ShackThe Ick
Bob VylanGdp
Amyl and the Sniffers70's Street MunchiesAUS
The GlycereensGet Off! LOCAL
TurbonegroAll My Friends Are Dead