Underground Australiana

Matt Kennedy


1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Fresh and unfiltered noise from the dirty depths of sharehousing across the country.  UA showcases contemporary independent Australian and NZ music with integrity and without compromise. 

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04 January, 2022

Being Jane LaneTroubleLOCAL 01:02:00
BLUSSHIncomingLOCAL 01:04:00
ScabzJust at the Pub (gossin' with the gals)AUS 01:07:00
Jaguar JonzeWho Died and Made You King?LOCAL 01:11:00
SyccoMy WaysLOCAL 01:14:00
Tia GostelowPsychoLOCAL 01:17:00
Wolf AliceSmile 01:20:00
Ancient BloodsAunties on My TimelineLOCAL 01:24:00
WHALEHOUSECheeto DoreetoLOCAL 01:28:00
The DisablesASIOLOCAL 01:30:00
The Rockefeller FrequencyI'm So EvilLOCAL 01:32:00
The ChatsAC/DC CDLOCAL 01:36:00
SaDRaining PleasureLOCAL 01:41:00
GarbageHappy When It Rains 01:45:00
Texas TeaThe FogLOCAL 01:48:00
Tesla CoilsCreatureLOCAL 01:51:00
Sigur RosThe Rains of Castamere 01:55:00
The ClashArmagideon Time 01:58:00
Bob Weatherall & HalfwayBloodlinesLOCAL 02:10:00
Rafeef ZiadahThree Generations 02:14:00
Velvet SunsetI Ride All Night 02:19:00
OverHyena 02:23:00
Karate BoogalooJuicy FruitAUS 02:34:00
The GothsBlack LaughLOCAL 02:39:00
Fortitude ValleyCassiniLOCAL 02:43:00
Chelsea Manor Round the TwistAUS 02:46:00
Rosegarden Funeral PartyFear of Feeling Nothing 02:56:00