Unnecessary Knowledge



6:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Quite simply, it's a show filled with a lot of useless knowledge. Did you know that ladybugs shoot acid through their knees or that Bruce Lee was so fast that they actually had to s-l-o-w film down so you could see his moves? No? Well listen in to Unnecessary Knowledge and you'll hear a bucket load more of pointless facts... maybe. Oh, we also play music and host some guests sometimes. 

Pure and simple, it’s a pop culture show. We play a host of new and old music and harness the hosts' wide knowledge of useless information that relates (but not always) to these songs.   


29 November, 2023

Ben Ely And The Mungo Fungo BandCrazy TimeLOCAL 06:00:00
Bad SextHear Me Out, Eat Me OutLOCAL 06:10:00
Jess RibeiroSummer Of LoveAUS 06:14:00
Mt. Nadir24LOCAL 06:19:00
June LowWild Loving HeartLOCAL 06:24:00
Shock ValueWhite BlissLOCAL 06:33:00
Hidden CyclesReady And SteadyAUS 06:36:00
Griffin RLSmileAUS 06:38:00
HolystoneReturneeLOCAL 06:44:00
Special FeaturesGive Me A BreakLOCAL 06:50:00
Radium DollsCIALOCAL 07:00:00
TrawlersSparkyLOCAL 07:03:00
Sacred HeartsCrocodile TearsLOCAL 07:06:00
West ThebartonDesireAUS 07:11:00
People MoverTryingLOCAL 07:16:00
The TramsSweet El NinoLOCAL 07:24:00
Dumb ThingsSelf HelpLOCAL 07:27:00
Jarvis CockerAngela 07:35:00
BridgeReachingLOCAL 07:39:00
Perve EndingsYou're Not On My MindLOCAL 07:47:00
R.M.F.C.The TrapAUS 07:50:00
The BreedersSaints 07:53:00
KraftwerkThe Model 07:57:00
VelociraptorTimebongLOCAL 08:04:00
WhaleHobo Humpin' Slobo Babe 08:12:00
Jon Spencer Blues ExplosionBlues X ManLOCAL 08:16:00
Locust RevivalDyying ColoursLOCAL 08:28:00
You Am IThe Lives Of OthersAUS 08:45:00
PromajaHidden FiguresAUS 08:50:00
Emma Bosworth & The Meeting SeasonsSpookoLOCAL 08:56:00