Unnecessary Knowledge



6:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Quite simply, it's a show filled with a lot of useless knowledge. Did you know that ladybugs shoot acid through their knees or that Bruce Lee was so fast that they actually had to s-l-o-w film down so you could see his moves? No? Well listen in to Unnecessary Knowledge and you'll hear a bucket load more of pointless facts... maybe. Oh, we also play music and host some guests sometimes. 

Pure and simple, it’s a pop culture show. We play a host of new and old music and harness the hosts' wide knowledge of useless information that relates (but not always) to these songs.   


25 January, 2023

EversoEcstacy In Z Minor (All With You)LOCAL 06:03:00
Baby CoolDaydreamLOCAL 06:09:00
Flyying ColoursGoodbye To MusicAUS 06:13:00
Tawny Hawk27th StreetLOCAL 06:19:00
The SuperjesusMoney (We're Only In It For Love)AUS 06:22:00
CIVICBlood RushesAUS 06:27:00
Bad//DreemsJackAUS 06:30:00
ARSEGo HardAUS 06:33:00
Lachlan DentonLoseAUS 06:38:00
Still SpinningNow We're LivingAUS 06:40:00
Ty SegallThank You Mr. K 06:44:00
Red Hot Chili PeppersOne Big Mob 06:55:00
RegurgitatorTrack OneLOCAL 07:01:00
PotentialThe ObserverAUS 07:07:00
STANPityLOCAL 07:12:00
Ghost MuttCrushLOCAL 07:16:00
Girl And GirlStrangersLOCAL 07:21:00
The Double HappinessRaggedy DogLOCAL 07:25:00
The GametesStar Surfer IXLOCAL 07:28:00
Radium DollsTractor PartsLOCAL 07:33:00
RancidRuby Soho 07:42:00
RamonesPet Sematary 07:45:00
YuckRubber 07:55:00
PulpBabies 08:02:00
Thelma PlumBetter In BlakLOCAL 08:07:00
Yothu YindiTreatyAUS 08:24:00
KraftwerkThe Man Machine 08:28:00
Naaki Soul(I Feel) CurlyLOCAL 08:38:00
TangeloYou Still Live In TurinLOCAL 08:44:00
Doggie HeavenHaircutLOCAL 08:50:00
JawbreakerFireman 08:56:00