Unnecessary Knowledge

Branko and Cam


6:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Quite simply, it's a show filled with a lot of useless knowledge. Did you know that ladybugs shoot acid through their knees or that Bruce Lee was so fast that they actually had to s-l-o-w film down so you could see his moves? No? Well listen in to Unnecessary Knowledge and you'll hear a bucket load more of pointless facts... maybe. Oh, we also play music and host some guests sometimes. 

Pure and simple, it’s a pop culture show. We play a host of new and old music and harness the hosts' wide knowledge of useless information that relates (but not always) to these songs.   


26 September, 2022

Adele And The ChandeliersUp There For ThinkingLOCAL 06:01:00
BLUSSHHitzLOCAL 06:07:00
Ghost MuttCrushLOCAL 06:09:00
DeliveryThe TopicAUS 06:13:00
Julia JacklinIgnore TendernessAUS 06:16:00
The FauvesDogs Are The Best PeopleAUS 06:21:00
Renovator's DelightHead In The CloudsLOCAL 06:24:00
June JonesMotorcycleAUS 06:28:00
Dry CleaningGary Ashby 06:33:00
Terra PinesBlood MoonLOCAL 06:35:00
Mess EsqueLiminal SpaceLOCAL 06:40:00
The Double HappinessAudreyLOCAL 06:47:00
Girl And GirlGarden SongLOCAL 06:51:00
Sacred HeartsPromised LandLOCAL 06:54:00
Michael BeachOut In A Burning AlleyAUS 07:01:00
Thigh MasterCompanyLOCAL 07:04:00
People MoverTryingLOCAL 07:07:00
Cookin' On 3 BurnersCarsAUS 07:11:00
The BamboosKing Of The Rodeo (ft. Megan Washington)AUS 07:15:00
El Michels Affair4th Chamber 07:18:00
BatriderSweaty MageeAUS 07:26:00
Bluebottle KissLast CinemaAUS 07:30:00
SongsPainAUS 07:34:00
Dr Sure's Unusual PracticeThe RealestAUS 07:38:00
Bench PressMore Than ThatAUS 07:52:00
METZCome On Down (ft. Joe Talbot) 07:55:00
OVLOVThe Wishing Well 07:58:00
Party DozenMajor BeefAUS 08:05:00
Art Of FightingGive Me TonightAUS 08:08:00
Alex GMission 08:13:00
The PinstripesBubble And BurnAUS 08:16:00
TumbleweedPatchouli GirlAUS 08:31:00
Mitch, PleaseRich MitchLOCAL 08:42:00
The ChatsI've Been Drunk In Every Pub In BrisbaneLOCAL 08:45:00
Violent SohoKamikazeLOCAL 08:48:00
Key OutFaceAUS 08:51:00
The ReplacementsUnsatisfied 08:56:00