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18 September, 2022

With Special Guests: Da'vaim!

Tonight, we had a chat with Andy of Da'vaim ahead of the Rock Sisters United 2022 gig at The Brightside on the 30th of September; featuring Da/vaim, Violet, Krave and Kathleen Turner Overdrive

Doom got older, as did we all, but he insisted we make a fuss. Doc cracked a joke, Doom heard it but didn't laugh, and it's still all your fault.

SoilworkValleys Of Gloam 08:03:37
KylesaSpiral Shadow 08:10:21
Karma To BurnTwo Times (Feat. John Garcia) 08:15:33
Monster Magnet100 Million Miles 08:20:30
ToolForty Six & 2 08:25:29
TetramentLifelessLOCAL 08:33:45
Terror ParadeRevolutionLOCAL 08:36:51
KraveAlchemyLOCAL 08:40:03
Da'vaimSacrificeLOCAL 08:44:06
MelecheshTriangular Tattvic Fire 09:02:55
MinistryPsalm 69 09:08:44
BeanflipperTake ControlAUS 09:15:28
Anal CuntYou're Old (Fuck You) 09:21:32
DeathfuckingcuntSuicidal Masturbatory FlagellationAUS 09:21:43
NazxulHymn Of A Dying MoonAUS 08:25:53
12 Guage Rampage#killedmorecuntsthancovidAUS 09:29:01
DissectionNight's Blood 09:31:43
Anal CuntBecause You're Old 09:38:23
Acid Bath13 Fingers 09:42:54
KreatorConquer And Destroy 09:47:34
MastodonOrion (Metallica Cover) 09:52:24