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We play the best metal from everywhere around the world and air interviews with everyone from local bands, national bands and international bands. 

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14 July, 2024

With Special Guests: Transcendent Z and Viktor Redcastle!

Tonight, Doc gets bodyslammed by DJ Zaddy and Tiamat of Transcendent Z, under the malevolent and watchful gaze of Viktor Redcastle of Redcastle Entertainment, ahead of Slamageddon at the Mansfield Tavern on the 27th of July! Watch some of Australia's best wrestling and musical talent as Aeon Nexus and Regular Gonzales square off for the Br00talweight Championship belt!

Listen back to some awesome new tracks from Norway's Funeral and 1349, brand-new Nile, Aeon Nexus, Immorium, Black Lava, Mammoth Caravan and more!

NileTo Strike With Secret Fang 08:00:55
Crypt CrawlerThe Immortal RealmAUS 08:04:33
WerewolvesMy Hate Is Strong (Feat. Rok of Sadistik Exekution)AUS 08:07:37
Idle RuinDelta HexatoxinLOCAL 08:11:43
RoronoahUnder The StigmataLOCAL 08:17:25
Aeon NexusMercuryLOCAL 08:20:42
Regular GonzalesUltraLOCAL 08:25:59
EstradasphereBodyslam 08:30:08
IllusionaryLoatheLOCAL 08:50:32
KaosphereBring Out The DeadLOCAL 08:54:35
Minus LifeDeath's ArchitectLOCAL 08:58:16
Mammoth CaravanTusks Of Orion 09:02:51
ImmoriumWitheringAUS 09:09:04
SohnelmLuellaLOCAL 09:14:48
In Death...Fuck Your KindLOCAL 09:20:47
GravemindF.E.A.R. (Feat. Jamie Hails of Polaris)AUS 09:24:33
Black LavaWrapped In FilthAUS 09:28:37
EntheosAll For Nothing 09:32:36
Aversions CrownHell Will Come For Us AllLOCAL 09:36:16
AsylumGenocidal ConspiracyLOCAL 09:40:40
FuneralMy Own Grave 09:47:25
1349Shadow Point 09:56:43