Workers Power

the Workers Power Team


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Workers Power seeks to build the culture of trade unionism and solidarity by giving a platform to trade unions and workers to talk about the struggles in their workplace, as well as events and struggles outside the workplace that they are involved in.

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31 January, 2023

TelevisionMarquee Moon
MarrugekuThis is AustraliaAUS
Last QuokkaEat the richAUS
Doggie HeavenHaircutLOCAL
People MoverNotLOCAL
Jon Spencer and The HitmakersPush Comes to Shove
Pinch PointsCopperAUS
The Disgruntled TaxpayersSo FuckedLOCAL
Plan ZNever Meet Anyone Like YouLOCAL
PhDFresh BruisesLOCAL
Tawny Hawk27th StreetLOCAL
Full Flower Moon BandYou know the MayorLOCAL