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05 December, 2023

Lost without a trace

This week we talked to Kellie and Brian from The Leads about their new track Trace, a song which takes you from Lake Mungo to Deebing Creek, Brian is also editor for The Ipswich Tribune and has won awards for his reporting on the conflict at Deebing Creek.

Royal BloodFigure it out
The Mark of CainRemember MeAUS
The Disgruntled TaxpayersThe Road Safety SongLOCAL
The GlycereensJane StreetLOCAL
VoiidFree KittenLOCAL
Cable TiesPerfect ClientAUS
GoannaSolid RockAUS
GangajangSpeak to meAUS
DeeKayTime for sum akshunLOCAL
Kev CarmodyThou shalt not stealLOCAL