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When making your breakfast this morning, don't forget to add a generous sprinkle of Hedgehog .....YUMM! 

 Th' Hedgehog delves into the past with some classic, though not always familiar, music. Not stuck in the past only, plenty of new exciting sounds also feature.
As somebody once said of Yesterdays Hedgehog: "A retro look at tomorrow's music going forward to the past. What a wild mix!"
Maybe the Hokey Pokey IS what it's all about! 



29 May, 2018

Delerium SeedsWood And RopeOverjoy (Rel: 2017)LOCAL 07:02:00

Delirium Seeds is a Brisbane indie rock band featuring members of psych assault team Purple Avengers & punk legends Mystery of Sixes. Their debut album takes the listener down some mysterious paths where Goldilocks might fear to tread!

Flap!Take Off My DressFlap! (Rel: 2008)AUS 07:06:00

The debut (self-titled) album from Melbourne band Flap! is a stimulating change for those listeners looking for something a little different. You'd call it a jazz album if it weren't so fun, and although you'd never mistake it for a pop album (there's not a hint of the electronic anywhere) the listener cannot but help feel that somehow this music has all the elements of the popular. The lyrics are inspired: stories of falling off cliffs, being poor, getting naked, and the universal themes of death, love, and drunkenness are treated with a joyful anarchic hope.

King CrimsonLadies Of The RoadIslands (Rel: 1971) 07:10:55

“Islands” is the fourth studio album by English band King Crimson, released in December 1971 on the record label Island. Islands would be the last King Crimson studio album before the group's trilogy of Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Starless and Bible Black and Red. It is also the last album to feature the lyrics of founding member Peter Sinfield.

MorphineCandyCure For Pain (Rel: 1993) 07:18:00

Morphine was an American alternative rock group formed by Mark Sandman, Dana Colley, and Jerome Deupree in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1989. After five successful albums and extensive touring, they disbanded in 1999 after frontman Sandman died of a heart attack. Founding members have reformed into the band Vapors of Morphine, maintaining much of the original style and sound.

Mojo JujuPony Takes A PowderMojo Juju (Rel: 2012)AUS 07:21:52
Soupy LaRueTeethSingle released 2016LOCAL 07:26:37

Soupy LaRue are a Brisbane punktry alternative alt-country country Punk Rock & Roots fusion of sound.

Band members are: Douglas Bjur; Daniel Pye; Carl Lang; Jotham Garrott; and David Sparkes

Frank ZappaCosmik DebrisApostrophe (Rel: 1974) 07:30:43

Apostrophe (') is an album by Frank Zappa, his eighteenth, released on March 22, 1974 in both stereo and quadraphonic formats. An edited version of its lead-off track, "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow", was the first of Zappa's three Billboard Top 100 hits, ultimately peaking at number 86.

Apostrophe (') remains Zappa's most commercially successful album in the United States. It was certified gold by the RIAA on April 7, 1976 and peaked at number 10 (a career-high placement) on the Billboard 200 chart in 1974. Continuing from the commercial breakthrough of Over-Nite Sensation (1973), this album is a similar mix of short songs showcasing Zappa's humor and musical arrangements. The record's lyrical themes are often bizarre or obscure, with the exception of "Uncle Remus", which is an extension of Zappa's feelings on racism featured on his earlier song "Trouble Every Day".

Stone the CrowsPenicillin BluesOntinuous Performance (Rel: 1972) 07:35:28

Stone the Crows was a blues-rock band formed in Glasgow in late 1969.

  • Maggie Bell, vocals
  • Les Harvey, guitar
  • Colin Allen, drums
  • James Dewar, bass and vocals
  • John McGinnis, keyboards

The band were formed after Maggie Bell was introduced to Les Harvey by his elder brother Alex Harvey. After playing together in the Kinning Park Ramblers, their next band Power was renamed Stone the Crows (after a British/Australian English exclamation of surprise or shock) by Led Zeppelin's manager, Peter Grant.


The Fondue SetCrazy LoveStick A Fork In It (Rel: 1999)AUS 07:43:26

Formed in Auckland in 1997, The Fondue Set have performed at The London Bar and The Gables.
Invited guests at Christchurch's Festival of Romance, Waiheke and Wellington International Jazz Festivals and, The Fondue Set has wowed audiences with dazzling sell-out performances.

Band Members:
Caitlin Smith (vocals)
Steve Gerrish (nylon and slide steel string instruments)
Graeme Webb (guitar, bass)

Dollar BarCute Girls Have The Best DiseasesDollar Bar (Rel: 2004)LOCAL 07:47:00

Dollar Bar have been part of the Brisbane music scene since 1998.

Dale Peachey (guitar + vox)
Patrick McCabe (bass guitar + vox)
Chris Yates (guitar + vox)
Brendan Rosenstengel (drumkit)

Deborah Conway and Willy ZygierEverybody's BeggingEverybody's Begging (Rel: 2016)AUS 07:56:36

Deborah Conway's solo output has included touring following an album's release with some of her session musicians. In October 1991, Conway released her first solo album, String of Pearls, which peaked at No. 20 on the ARIA Albums Chart. The album was produced by Richard Pleasance, Joe Hardy and Michael den Elzen. Singles from the album include "It's Only the Beginning" which reached No. 19 on the ARIA Singles Chart in August, "Under My Skin" (December) and "Release Me" (February 1992), all three of which were co-written with Scott Cutler. For her work on the album, she won 'Best Female Artist' at the ARIA Music Awards of 1992.

To support the releases, Deborah Conway and the Mothers of Pearl was formed with Alan Harding (keyboards), Peter Jones (drums, ex-Drawcards and Rose Amongst Thorns), Bill McDonald (bass guitar) and Willy Zygier (guitar). Conway and Zygier became domestic partners and have written and performed much of Conway's subsequent material.

J.J. CaleDays Go ByGuitar Man (Rel: 1976) 08:05:48

J. J. Cale (December 5, 1938 – July 26, 2013) was an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Though he deliberately avoided the limelight his influence as a musical artist has been widely acknowledged by figures such as Neil Young and Eric Clapton, who described him as "one of the most important artists in the history of rock". He is considered to be one of the originators of the Tulsa Sound, a loose genre drawing on blues, rockabilly, country, and jazz.

Many songs written by Cale have been recorded by other acts, including "After Midnight" and "Cocaine" by Eric Clapton; "Call Me the Breeze" by Lynyrd Skynyrd, John Mayer, Johnny Cash, and Bobby Bare; "Clyde" by Waylon Jennings and Dr. Hook; "I Got The Same Old Blues" by Captain Beefheart, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Freddie King, and Bryan Ferry; and "Magnolia" by Poco, Beck, Lucinda Williams, Iron and Wine, José Feliciano, Ben Bridwell, John Mayer with Eric Clapton and Sadie Johnson.

In 2008, Cale, along with Clapton, received a Grammy Award for their album The Road to Escondido.

Chuck E. WeissExtremely CoolExtremely Cool (Rel: 1999) 08:09:09

Chuck E. Weiss is an American songwriter and vocalist. A fixture on the Los Angeles scene, Weiss is known for an eclectic mix of blues, beat poetry, and rock and roll. His music includes strains of every rhythmic style from nursery rhymes to zydeco.

Pink FloydHave A CigarWish You Were Here (Rel: 1975) 08:15:54

"Have a Cigar" is the third track on Pink Floyd's 1975 album Wish You Were Here. It follows "Welcome to the Machine" and on the original LP opened side two. In some markets, the song was issued as a single.

English folk singer Roy Harper provided lead vocals on the song. It was one of only two Pink Floyd recordings to feature guest lead vocals, the other being "The Great Gig in the Sky" with Clare Torry, though the latter piece featured no lyrics.

The song was written as the band's own personal critique of the music industry at the time, and the hypocrisy of their own record label to continue releasing more material.

Procol HarumWall Street BluesThe Well's on Fire (Rel: 2003) 08:21:33

Procol Harum is an English rock band formed in 1967. Their best-known recording is the 1967 hit single "A Whiter Shade of Pale", considered a classic in popular music and one of the few singles to have sold over 10 million copies. Although noted for their baroque and classical influence, Procol Harum's music also embraces the blues, R&B, and soul.

In 2018, the band was honoured by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when "A Whiter Shade of Pale" was inducted into the brand-new Singles category.

Out Of AbingdonGlory BoxJourneys (Rel: 2011)LOCAL 08:27:27

Out Of Abingdon is a potent mixture of Warwick Hargreaves’s mesmerising, intricate guitar work and Tina Fullerton’s groove laden double-bass and silky vocals, will enchant you as it has audiences worldwide.

They have played well over 800 gigs together over the last 8 years and have independently recorded & released four albums.

Jeff LangEverything Is StillEverything Is Still (Rel: 2001)AUS 08:33:30

Jeff Lang(born 9 November 1969) is an Australian songwriter, singer and slide guitarist. He is a leading performer in the Australian roots music scene[1] and purveyer of his self-described "disturbed folk" style, which incorporates primarily folk, blues and rock.

The songwriting in his music is heavily influenced by the folk music of the southern United States and the British Isles but has distinctly Australian lyrical content whilst his guitar playing mixes folk, blues and rock styles with Indian and African modalities. He plays various types of guitar, both slide and standard, as well as banjo, mandolin, Chumbush and drums

Mikelangelo & The Black Sea GentlemenLike a WolfAfter the Flood (Rel: 2016)AUS 08:38:23

Even their name conjures up another era and it's apt for Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen, who take their cue from the travelling bands of Europe. Their music has gypsy elements, Pogues-inspired folk, gentle, crooning lullabies, occasional Kletzmer overtones and a heavy dose of cabaret; the band describes the sound as Euro-roots. Their live shows are a rollicking, raucous theatre, with musicians strolling through the audience, climbing the double bass, spinning madly while playing violin and other entertaining antics.

A five-piece in which all members sing, the main instruments are violin, clarinet, double bass, accordion and nylon string guitar.

LaiqueThe End Of The Day (An Absence Of Gin)Cravin Just A Little Misbehavin (Rel: 2010)LOCAL 08:43:00

Steeped in a sizzle of hot swing, there's a twist of mischievous charm beneath Laique’s sharp trouser legs and front woman Kylie Southwell's slick heels, as the hard popping bedlam begins from this Brisbane outfit.

Drawing on influences from 1930's paris jazz and the flamenco music of Spain, topped off with a good dose of solid songwriting, this band will delight and tickle you in all the right places.
Presenting Laique's queen of song Kylie Southwell, along with premium music-men Gerard Mapstone on guitar & banjo, Michael Patterson on violin, Samuel Vincent on double bass and Will Eager on drums.

Dr. JohnWitchy RedTelevision (Rel: 1994) 08:46:30

Malcolm John Rebennack (born November 21, 1940), better known by his stage name Dr. John, is an American singer and songwriter. His music combines blues, pop, jazz, boogie woogie and rock and roll.

Active as a session musician since the late 1950s, he gained a cult following in the late 1960s following the release of his album Gris-Gris and his appearance at the Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music. He performed a wildly theatrical stage show inspired by medicine shows, Mardi Gras costumes and voodoo ceremonies. Rebennack has recorded more than 20 albums and in 1973 scored a top-10 hit with "Right Place, Wrong Time".

The winner of six Grammy Awards, Rebennack was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by singer John Legend on March 14, 2011. In May 2013, Rebennack was the recipient of an honorary doctorate of fine arts from Tulane University.

Band of FrequenciesRoad Trippin'Men of Wood & Foam (Rel: 2017)LOCAL 08:52:04

One of Australia's premier jam bands & true believers in sounds beyond boundaries, Band of Frequencies draw their influences from a vast spectrum of blues, roots, rock, funk and psychedelic styles. Their signature blend comes from years of live experimentation, constantly pushing their influences into the creative fires to see what melts, what explodes and what merges.

Band of Frequencies album, Men of Wood & Foam, is an original soundtrack for the historical Foxtel documentary on Australian surfing culture. The project for the documentary was slightly different to the band's standard laid-down tracks.

The band drew its inspiration from classic surf sounds, old surf guitar tunes, jazz records and communicating their ideas with each other.

Release date: 1 March 2017

Talking HeadsRoad To NowhereLittle Creatures (Rel: 1985) 08:54:47

Talking Heads were an American rock band formed in 1975 in New York City and active until 1991. The band comprised David Byrne (lead vocals, guitar), Chris Frantz (drums), Tina Weymouth (bass), and Jerry Harrison (keyboards, guitar). Described by critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine as "one of the most critically acclaimed bands of the '80s", the group helped to pioneer new wave music by integrating elements of punk, art rock, funk, and world music with avant-garde sensibilities and an anxious, clean-cut image.

The perfect "swan song" for Yesterdays Hedgehog!