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06 June, 2023

Marvin GayeWhere Are We Going
Start TogetherSeparate BedsLOCAL
The ParticlesThe Trumpet SongLOCAL
Volunteers In Policing ProgramDancingLOCAL
Flamingo BlondeEddieLOCAL
DeuceRabbit HoleAUS
McKiskoThe ReservoirLOCAL
Locust RevivalHarms WayLOCAL
Cable TiesThoughts BackAUS
Modal MelodiesStanding StillAUS
Hot CoppersHot CoppersAUS
Meryl StreekIf This Is Life
ShrapnelCatch You OutAUS
Dean BluntSmile Please
The Love InnCarnationsLOCAL
Lives of AngelsCold Expression
Cash Savage & The Last DrinksPushLOCAL
Lachlan DentonMumAUS
Johnny BristolI Got Your Number
The SproutsDoorbellAUS
Sali EriCon ManLOCAL
Alice SkyeBlue YouAUS
Pinch PointsReasons To Be AnxiousAUS
Pinch PointsPave MeAUS
Water From Your EyesBuy My Product
Bumble B BoyEngelbert The FoolLOCAL
BroadcastLiving Room
Kev CarmodyThou Shalt Not StealLOCAL
Good MorningBoy, I'm Just A Loswer For Your LoveAUS