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Relax into your Wednesday afternoon with a nice refreshing glass of Zedgeist. Jack and Luci will bring you everything you need to know in music, pop culture, news and everything in between. 

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31 January, 2023

The ChordsSh-Boom 06:04:00
Loose ToothKeep OnAUS 06:13:00
Pink MatterBlueLOCAL 06:17:00
Thelma PlumWhen It Rains It PoursLOCAL 06:21:00
Tropical FuckStormLose The BayAUS 06:37:00
Ball Park MusicSad Rude Future DudeLOCAL 06:45:00
The ChatsSmokoLOCAL 06:49:00
Orlando furiousParmesanLOCAL 06:57:00
Alice SkyeGrand IdeasLOCAL 07:02:00
BabaganoujWhat Planet Do You Come From?LOCAL 07:06:00
The Stress of LeisurePulled PorkLOCAL 07:10:00
PermitsWorld In NumbersAUS 07:20:00
ARSEGo HardAUS 07:23:00
Caitlin Harnett & The Pony BoysMake You Feel BlueAUS
King StingrayCamp DogLOCAL 07:29:00
The War on DrugsPain
Ghost MuttInfinityLOCAL 07:51:00
Stan RidgwayAmnesia 07:55:00
The FeeliesLet's Go 07:58:16
Kitchen's FloorBloodLOCAL 08:00:49
Cloud NothingsFall In 08:12:50
Full Power Happy HourSiblingsLOCAL 08:16:26
Tia GostelowSay It to My FaceLOCAL 08:19:50
Platonic SexDevil's AdvocateLOCAL 08:22:54
Hugo LargoSkin 08:32:00
Lachlan DentonLoseAUS 08:36:54
The SuperjesusMoney (We're Only In It For Love)LOCAL 08:39:22
TelevisionMarquee Moon 08:43:17
Violent SohoViceroyLOCAL 08:57:29