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Seditious before it was cool with the right, what's new with the current malaise?

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08 September, 2022

May the Disappointment Fester

The Dead SouthPeople Are Strange 12:22:45
Chris CheneyCaliforniaAUS 12:25:52
Green DayTroublemaker 12:29:21
The GratesCall MeLOCAL 12:38:01
The GratesHoliday HomeLOCAL 12:40:57
The Grates7-ElevenLOCAL 12:44:44
The GratesDirty HandsLOCAL 12:56:29
The GratesIt Won't Hurt AnymoreLOCAL 12:58:53
The GratesWild OneLOCAL 01:02:16
The GratesI'm StayingLOCAL 01:15:47
The GratesFriends With ScumLOCAL 01:18:37
The GratesWhat's Wrong With YouLOCAL 01:20:33
The GratesI Wish I Was AloneLOCAL 01:33:54
The GratesBack To BackLOCAL 01:35:38
Teen Jesus and the Jean TeasersAHHHH!AUS 01:39:39
Tessa VioletYES MOM 01:49:07
Erin FosterBirthdayLOCAL 01:51:48
MAY-ATime I Love To WasteAUS 01:57:35