12:00 AM - 2:00 AM

Mol is BACK for two hours of music to segue between the week of New Releases that was, and upcoming premieres.
Segueing between the fresh and the absolute freshest, with a few of your favourites thrown in there as well.

12-2am Wednesdays on 4ZZZ.


21 September, 2022

We Set SailThis Machine Destroys Everything!LOCAL 12:04:01
Status Oblique feat. Luna ChiomaraFalling Down AUS 12:12:55
Tangelo You Still Live In TurinLOCAL 12:18:17
Tina and the Hams Still On YouAUS 12:22:13
Devotions Final GirlLOCAL 12:30:33
Imitation TherapySleep DealerLOCAL 12:34:31
KRUNJAndyLOCAL 12:39:23
Idle RuinValley InfernoLOCAL 12:49:18
Oratory Capitulation GenuflectLOCAL 12:53:25
GriegThrash By NightLOCAL 12:57:16
Malignant AuraMalignant AuraLOCAL 01:01:08
The Smith Street BandYoung DrunkLOCAL 01:11:55
Circle JerksI Just Want Some Skank 01:16:28
Pennywise Down Under 01:16:28
RadolescentToughLOCAL 01:18:55
Suicide Country HourDarling DownsLOCAL 01:27:43
The Double HappinessSmoking GunLOCAL 01:32:14
100%AbandonLOCAL 01:37:10
The BethsExpert In A Dying Field 01:40:59
Low LifeReal ManAUS 01:48:36
Orion Sexy AlienAUS 01:51:21
King StingrayMilkumanaAUS 01:58:33