Jeremy NealeGetting The Team Back Together
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- Jeremy Neale’s debut album Getting The Team Back Together is a great effort, with a team of happy melodies, loud guitar and romantic sensibilities. It’s hard to comprehend that this is Jeremy Neale’s first full length, because he has seemed to be on the scene for so long, a mainstay of the Brisbane music scene. I affectionately refer to him as the Prince of Brisbane for his numerous works in the River City: from fronting the local legends Velociraptor, many many DJ sets around town and his own solo project, he is a formidable force of music creation.

Even taking into account that he is so busy it’s been four years since his first EP and two years since his second and many have been waiting for a full fledged Jeremy Neale album to arrive.  Getting the Team Back Together shows that Jeremy is really hitting his stride as a performer, enhancing his sound and producing a really cohesive record. The album is just simply a really pleasant listen and starts off strong with Averse To Try It, whisking you away on a journey of love, merriment and chasing the dream.  Dancing and Romancing,  the first single, is pure unbridled joy and as close to an archetypal Jeremy Neale sound as you’re likely to find.

Real brilliance can be observed, gathering everything in as a body of work and it’s all because of the way Jeremy clearly found the right balance. Just as the record gets to the point of sounding a bit formulaic, you know, only enough for a great EP, he changes the tone, growing what’s here into a fully-fledged record. Tracks like Loose Cannon and No Fun provide that necessary change of pace. Tempo changes give the listener a chance to appreciate and reflect on the music before reigniting the fun spark in Walk The Walk.

Getting The Team Back Together, even with that necessary drop of emotional depth, is largely unadulterated euphoria and a perfectly timed release for the summer. It’s bright upbeat, and guaranteed to ignite a party in the shoulders. Listening to it I can picture cruising alongside the Brisbane River with the windows down on a hot Sunday afternoon heading to New Farm Park for a picnic with some casual frisbee throwing. If Jeremy Neale is the Prince of Brisbane, Getting The Team Back Together is his royal decree. It demonstrates not just growth but the mastery of his sound, a sound of pop, love and just unrestrained fun.  

- Jack McDonnell.


Jeremy NealeGetting The Team Back Together

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