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Dangerous Goods presented by POLYTOXIC

Dangerous Goods presented by POLYTOXIC 

Cremorne Theatre, QPAC

10th Jan - 4th Feb, 2024


Caution, the Perilous Polytoxic Femme fatale will blow your mind!


Dr Gemma Regan


The Dangerous Goods show by POLYTOXIC is phenomenal! The unique and terrifying acts of danger are wrapped up with raunchy and hilarious cabaret making Dangerous Goods everything you could ever desire for a brilliant adult night out.


POLYTOXIC has energetically embraced every aspect of the feminine exploding the ideology of the perfect woman to embrace all cultures, body types and sexualities to encapsulate real women as powerful and independent individuals.


POLYTOXIC is an Australian group of six feminist multi-dimensional women led by award winners, Samoan Australian Lisa Fa’alafi and the terrifying psycho-siren Leah Shelton. Each performer is unique and all have performed overseas honing their interdisciplinary skills in the performance arts. The rare combination of the six powerful proteges at the apex of their talents was explosive! 


I was astounded by the physical acts with fire, acrobatic rope skills, incredible acts of strength and poise and even mutilation. All are performed with intense feminist humour and wit. I laughed so much that my jaw still aches!


There is also burlesque galore with titillation in every sense featuring two alternative types of doll, Islander Barbie and an unnerving sex doll striptease. The pumping music and the energy of the performers is empowering and electrifying. 


The dance by Samoan Australian Lisa Fa’alafi as Pele was volcanic causing an eruption of cheers from the audience. Guest performer Rina was also enchanting, singing her debut release with power and poise. Witty and sarcastic feminist humour pervades throughout the show with dancing dicks, whip-cracking cowboys and boisterous builders. 

Dangerous Goods challenges your misconceptions of the feminine with a terrifying celebration of the spectrum of humanity in an explosive and powerful show to annihilate paradigms and blow your mind! Do not miss the perilous POLYTOXIC femme fatale with their phenomenal Dangerous Goods.


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