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Opera Queensland presents Homegrown – Rebecca Cassidy & Alex Raineri

As a reviewer, who has reviewed a number of opera performances over the past few years, it can be difficult to compare the smaller productions of the ‘Studio Series’ to that of the larger productions presented by Opera Queensland. However while lacking in visual splendour, the singing is no less impressive. With this in mind, there are very few moments in life that you stop, sit back and wonder to yourself will this be an ‘I was there’ moment, walking away from Homegrown, I was convinced that we would be seeing great things in the future from both Rebecca Cassidy & Alex Raineri.


Rebecca Cassidy, who studied her Bachelor of Music at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, is “a lovely, rich soprano” and the centrepiece in Homegrown, showcasing her superior vocal skills with a range of songs that focused on themes of nature and motherhood. Cassidy expertly wove her way through the set with her rendition of ‘River Mother, River Child’ by Betty Beath and ‘Dream land’ by Miriam Hyde.


The program introduced Alex Raineri, as a “born communicator”, “soloist of superb virtuosic skill and musicality” and more. In this performance he took a more subdued role, providing accompaniment, however, in my opinion more importantly acting as our guide. He was able to successfully share insights that took the audience on a journey. Highlighting and explaining key pieces about the work on a number of different topics e.g. how they related to first nations and cultural appropriation. 


If you can divoice yourself from the atmospheric influences of walking into Griffith University, especially as if you are a member of the university’s alumni and enjoy the performance, I can promise you that taking a chance on the ‘Studio Series’ will help you to discover a hidden gem or two. The next two performances you should keep an eye out for will be L’invitation Au Voyage – Mariana Hong & Siro Battaglin and Take This Longing – Jacqui Dark. There are plenty more hidden gems to discover within the Opera Queensland Studio Series, book your tickets now to hear what you have been missing!


19 & 20 August 2022

Opera Queensland


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