What's Good?



1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Explore what's good in theory and what's good in practice with 4ZZZ's Music Coordinator, NJR, and a Brisbane-based cultural community.

Hear the music that makes them go "Oooh, thats what's good.".


29 November, 2017

Kamasi WashingtonTruth 01:00:29
Australian Art OrchestraWater Pushes SandAUS 01:15:12
Noah SleeDawn Ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow 01:18:19
Julie ByrneFollow My Voice 01:19:53
The Incognito TravellerA Mere Subjective Experience 01:27:40
The Cambodian Space ProjectSummer Wine 01:33:39
Jen CloherAnalysis ParalysisAUS 01:40:11
NoireHe's My BabyAUS 01:48:24
APEmanNoble SavageLOCAL 01:54:12
Kaylah TruthLike CrazyLOCAL 01:56:30
Cigany WeaverBeyond The SeaLOCAL 02:00:48
Matt Hsu's Obscure OrchestraBirdnest HairLOCAL 02:04:34
Milton Man GoghFork (In A World Of Soup)LOCAL 02:13:16
The Plastic FangsKickbackLOCAL 02:31:16
Nice BiscuitIn Space TodayLOCAL 02:36:23
JesswarSavageLOCAL 02:45:04
FOREVRForgiveLOCAL 02:49:19
Moses SumneyLonely World 02:57:19