The Uluru Statement's History is Calling Campaign

Yesterday The Uluru Statement launched their History is Calling campaign to support the Indigenous voice to parliament referendum, informing the Australian public on how voting “Yes” for a First Nations Voice will change history.

Aboriginal Affairs, Federal Politics

The Uluru Statement's History is Calling Campaign

Yesterday The Uluru Statement launched their History is Calling campaign to support the Indigenous voice to parliament referendum, informing the Australian public on how voting “Yes” for a First Nations Voice will change history.


All things La Niña & El Niño

Perhaps, you’ve heard that we’re about to experience a rare third in a row La Niña condition… Is number 3 the charm or is it a worry? What does that really mean for us?

As scientists become more aware of how the oceans affect regional climate and their interaction across tropical ocean basins… can we more accurately create future projections on droughts and floods thereby saving lives and economic costs?

Joining Eliot and Toni to chat about ‘All things La Niña and El Niño’ is Andrea Taschetto, an Associate Professor from University of New South Wales’ Climate Change Research Centre and ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes.

Brisbane, Immigration

PART III: Future of QLD Ethnic Clubs - South Sudanese Community Association in Queensland

Australia is known for being a multicultural country with migrants across the globe making the 'Land Down Under' their new home. These communities began establishing their own community clubs in a unfamiliar land as a way of having a ‘home away from home’, keeping their culture, language and people together.

This interview is the final instalment of a feature series on the Future of Ethnic Clubs in Queensland. Previously covered was a European ethnic club (The Polish Club) and a West Asian ethnic club (The Iranian Society of Queensland).

Now with a Brisbane-based African ethnic club (South Sudanese Community Association in QLD - SSCAQ), 4ZZZ's Toni Pankaluic spoke with Thiew Atem the club’s Secretary General and Bakhita Akot the club’s Head of Public Relations about South Sudan, its cultures, cuisine and people. He also learnt about the South Sudanese experience here in Queensland, and what the plans are for the SSCAQ going into the future.

Aboriginal Affairs

The Constitution Consultation Process for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is moving forward on his promise to set up an indigenous voice to parliament, organising a working group as well as consulting with various communities and experts. An important aspect of this is consulting with legal experts on the wording of the change and its interpretation. The Indigenous Law Centre at the University of New South Wales will be travelling to test the draft amendment and referendum question, released by Prime Minister Albanese back in July at the 2022 Garma Festival.


Colonoscopies - Best Practice

Colonoscopies, well… that's a mouthful AND hard to pronounce.

Colonoscopies are like having a Go-pro camera entering your ‘opposite mouth’ side. So, when should you start routinely getting them? AND, why is the week-long preparation for them so important? Many people fail this prep stage and have to go thru that week all over again before having the procedure.

4ZZZ’s Eliot and Toni chatted with Associate Professor Graham Newstead, the Medical Director of Bowel Cancer Australia who gave us tips on how to get thru your prep as well as ʻAll things Colonoscopiesʻ.


Is Queensland Green Enough For 2030?

In the wake of the Albanese government’s commitments to a greener emissions target by 2030 It’s important to see how on track we are locally to making these promises, In order to see how the state and local governments are going, 4ZZZ Journalist Harrison Pedersen interviewed Aurelia Noran from the Pine Rivers Catchment Association and Jen Basham from the Queensland Climate Council

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


All About Australian Coffee

Initially from Africa, coffee beans have been scattered all over the world for more than 600 years. Many of us are baristas and humanity has been preparing coffee in many ways: as drinks, candies, medicine, and in some ancient civilisations it was even used as money!

There are even Australian coffee growers, mostly in northern New South Wales and here in Queensland. In fact, the first Australian coffee was believed to have been planted at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane as early as 1832. Today Australian coffee consumption unfortunately only makes up around 1% of Australian coffee purchases.

Joining us is Bec Zentveld - coffee roastmistress from the Zentvelds - Byron Bay to discuss all things Coffee!


NSW Nurse and Midwife Strike

Midwives and nurses across NSW are striking in response to poor pay and unacceptable working conditions, this is 4ZZZ journalist Steph Felesina's conversation with Charmaine Murphy secretary of the Nurses and Midwives Association in Lismore. 

Federal Politics

Solving the Housing Crisis

As rent prices continue to increase around the country, the greens are proposing a variety of solutions to increase affordability and access to housing. Last week, Griffith MP and Greens housing spokesperson Max Chandler-Mather proposed a two year rent freeze and caps on rent increases in federal parliament as one of many solutions to the issue. 4ZZZ journalist Indio Myles spoke to Mr Chandler-Mather about the proposal and what the federal government can do.

Financially Frugal Feeds for Famished Folks

With the rising cost of living and wild weather events affecting produce numbers, It's becoming harder to eat healthy on a budget. In order to determine ways to stay healthy without spending too much money, 4ZZZ Journalist Harry Pedersen sat down with QUT health professor Danielle Gallegos.