Songwriting and storytelling lie at the core of Brisbane-based alternative folk group, Elbury. Born in a brick-and-concrete pillbox on the side of Red Hill, as an acoustic folk duo. Awkward tunes in minor keys; awkward lyrics, obscure themes - the standard output of any new band trying to mark out a piece of original territory. Through the churn of the no-profile original music scene, Elbury persisted - knowing that a band can find their own sound and move forward on their own terms. 

With the introduction of bass, drums and synth in recent years, the band have shifted from traditional acoustic folk to darker alt-folk-rock sounds, including progressive, ambient elements. The music, at heart, remains the same: honest observations and multiple musical elements jostled into occasional cooperation. The band defy categorisation, shifting between mellow jazz interludes, rollicking folk- rock and intricate baroque passages. Winsome melodies, with four-part harmonies and a close weave of organic and digital textures wrapped around.



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