Scandal Tree

Scandal Tree is a Hard Rock outfit formed in 2019 and running out of Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It was an original vision of founding member, Rip Ryder, the band's resident tub thumper.

Originally Scandal Tree consisted of members Rip, Flaky, Jase and Adam. In 2020, we recorded with Cian Warbrick of Smooth Edge Recording for our debut self titled EP release, Scandal Tree, featuring such tracks as Bogan, Lost Along the Way and Scandal Tree. As a unit we continued to play many rock shows around Brisbane with notable gigs at O'Skulligan's to raise money for Beyond Blue and The Brightside for our Nothin' To Lose single launch in 2022.

Scandal Tree recorded with Nik Carpenter at Core Studios in October 2021 and the consequent release of their debut single Nothin' To Lose in January 2022 resulted a fist pumping, heart racing, cracker of an Aussie pub rock song to a great reception from broadcasters, playlist curators, reviewers and publicists.

Scandal Trees mission as a band is to create new and innovative ways to interpret and produce songs that stay true to our shared musical links, heritage and influences.

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