La Fetts

La Fetts formed as The Immortal Corpses in Goodna QLD in 1979. The band name changed to The Fits shortly after, and in 1983, settled on the name La Fetts.

The band had its roots in old school punk rock, but also had hard rock and other influences. The band calls this “Punk N Roll”. Under the National Party government of the 1980s, independent music was seen as subversive, and La Fetts had many live shows closed down by the police.

In the mid 1980s, La Fetts guitarist, Pete, was sacked in notorious SEQEB strike. La Fetts wrote SEQEB Scabs in response. The Bjelke Petersen government’s reply to SEQEB Scabs, was to have the political wing of the police force, Special Branch, raid the 4ZZZ studios and confiscate copies of SEQEB Scabs. This happened on a number of occasions. La Fetts reformed in 2020 to play a number of shows.

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