Bermuda Shades

Throwing away any (or all) pre-conceived ideas of style & song crafting is often a challenge for any artist, especially for those who have been around a while, but not so the case, for Melbourne singer / songmaker Murray Johnstone. 

Newly adopting the band moniker Bermuda Shades after finding an abandoned 80’s keyboard on a St Kilda hard-rubbish pile (and batteries to bring it to life) Johnstone has spent recent winter months embracing its ‘anyone can play’ electro pop/rock sound as a basis to write and record material for Bermuda Shades’ debut release. 

Described by others as “Reflecting early Bowie/Pop collaborations” & “Sharing familiar territory with recent artists such as the UK's Artificial Pleasure or our own Jack Ladder & co”. Bermuda Shades self-titled mini album could well be one of the finds of the year…or for at least for as long as the batteries hold out.

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