Phil Monsour

Phil Monsour is an “Australian troubadour who sings songs of hope, humanity, invasion and occupations”. (Limelight Magazine). He is a committed independent singer/songwriter with a history of producing music that travels beyond the mainstream to explore complex issues of identity, solidarity and politics. Phil’s songs speak with honesty and insight about people’s lives and personal experiences. He is an accomplished musician on both acoustic and electric guitar and has a strong and passionate voice. Phil’s performance style is both energetic and moving.

Based in Brisbane Phil Monsour has extensive performing and recording experience as a solo performer and with his bands, the Phil Monsour Band, the Cutters and Popproperly. Recent releases include Ghosts of Deir Yassin (2012), the Empire’s New Clothes (2008), Live at Ahimsa House (2010), Lies and Silence (2009), and the Smart Bombs EP (2001). With the band Popproperly, Phil released two albums: Popproperly (1999) and Faint Blue Glow (1998), as well as a number of EPs and singles. Renowned for their high energy folk rock performances, Popproperly toured extensively throughout Europe.




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