The Dustbin Hoffmans

Meet Robert, Nigel, Ross, Tom, and Mike - together they are The Dustbin Hoffmans. It is hard to believe that only 35 years ago, these five boys hadn't even met each other. After waiting for the invention of the personal computer, the Compact Disk, the internet, the smartphone, Twitter, and Facebook, The Dustbin Hoffmans is Australia's most experienced boy band.

Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, The Dustbin Hoffmans has been acclaimed by critics as "sensible, yet stupid", and "intelligent, yet ridiculous." Its music evokes deep feelings of happiness, adventure, irony, and fun.

Drawn together by a common appreciation of the color brown, the boys made a solemn pact to never write a song that could be described as grey. Their music is a rainbow of joy that spans and unites the free world.

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