-- Get to know our sub musos --

'Punktilious...punk rock, but not as you know it'

First time you ever listened to 4ZZZ?

1991, pretty sure it was a Wednesday afternoon.

First time you were ever played on 4ZZZ?

11am,September 17, 2016 on Kids With Class Kicking Arse.

First gig you ever played?

Queens Birthday weekend 2015 at Amity Point Cricket Club, Stradbroke Island

Funniest on-stage f##k up?

I was asked to dress up like Humphrey B Bear for a gig, in and got arrested for not wearing pants.

If you could play with one band/muso (dead or alive) in the 4ZZZ carpark who +why?

Bob Mould, because he's the greatest musician ever.

What is the kewlest/ most definitive feature of  your group/ musical project?

It's punk rock, but not as you know it.

If you were to turn out your pockets at the end of a tour, what is the most common thing you would find?

Ya Mum's phone number.

If you/your band/your music took the form of an emoji, which one would it be?


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