Tom Smith

Needing a break from the live rock n roll circuit, Tom decided in 2011 to experience the freedom of  chalkboard sessions, busking and reciting song lyrics at performance poetry open mics.  A productive and creative burst of song writing followed.

In January 2013, having been away for a year giving Song Writing workshops in an Aboriginal Community in WA and still wanting to avoid the live performance/recording treadmill, he half-jokingly put up a post on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to have his songs - they were of no use to him.

The post was headed ‘You do it, I can’t be bothered!’ At best he was hoping for a few ‘likes’ and maybe a commiseratory comment or two. He hasn’t had so much fun in years and is still happily giving away songs to anyone that wants one.

Heartened and inspired by the incredible response to the “You Do It I Can’t Be Bothered” project he has decided he’s ready to have the songs performed in public.

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